So, Listen… to Your Self!

Close up of a Snail Shell

So Listen; imagine right Now that your future Self—which is your present Self enhanced by visionary projection—is calling out to You, beckoning for you to realize Its (i.e., your own) potentials! Quantum Physics, after all, reveals that Time is an illusion so that past-present-future coexist in Nowness. Yet the future may appear as an arc of endless possibilities; which one you realize along the trajectory you are tending toward via your present awareness is UP TO YOU!!! Yes there are spiritual Guides and mentors to help you recognize the positive potentials available to you as portals into your most Self-realized future, but you have to be able to ACCEPT the LOVE that can bear you in the “right” (or your most desired) direction.

So, Listen! What is your Soul helping you to realize; what direction does it wish for you to take? Is there a decision you are now facing or a transition you aim to pass through that your future You can help you understand?

Thai style house reflected in lotus pond,Thailand

What do you feel is essential in order for you to feel your life will have been fulfilled and fulfilling for you and for your loved ones based on decisions and transitions you can be embarking upon Now?  This can include “mundane” aspects of your daily life like diet and exercise or where you choose to live but it can also include deeply profound choices like what spiritual practices to maintain or what habits to break for the sake of your future health and wellbeing.

So, Listen. Listen to your dreams, as they might provide the guidance you seek about steps to take now to ensure a better tomorrow. Listen also to your longings, your yearnings.  Don’t put off til tomorrow what you can begin now to create the future of your desire. The more active you are now in determining positive motion in the direction of realizing your goals, your Life Dream, the more likely you are to achieve and fulfill your purpose, your mission in this life.


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