Life Metaphors

One of the unique and creative features of my innovative Life Mapping approach helps you to understand the nature of Life Metaphors We Live By!

Is Life a Journey? A Mountain with Vistas? A Speck of Time? A Long and Winding Road? To some it may sometimes feel more like a Roller Coaster Ride! Or maybe you feel At A Crossroads?


(Martin Liebermann photo, “Crossroads”)


One of my personal Life Metaphor images is of Life as a Carousel or Merry-Go-Round. What goes around, comes around, with all life’s ups and downs, and we are always on a Journey of exciting discovery, looking to see ‘what’s around the bend?’


(Brooklyn Bridge Carousel, Jane’s Carousel photo by Julienne Schaer)

Most people find that their personal Life Metaphor will change dramatically after engaging in a Life Maps Process adventure.  Consider some of these “before” and “after” images shared by two of Dr. Watts’ Life Maps coaching clients:

Life Is…  


A jigsaw puzzle, without a picture on the box.

Colorado weather


An Adventure,  with no permanent  mistakes; all can be fixed,  made better!

A summer that never ends; Happiness!

Of course, you might have to live in Colorado to understand how fickle the weather might be! Life Metaphors come from experiencing real patterns in our lives. They can affect how we think about and SEE life or the world.  When you deeply change the way you understand or interpret the meaningful experiences and relationships of your own life, your picture of the world, then naturally your Life Metaphors will change too!