Monthly Topics

                        Your Life Path

This year at Better Endings for Your Life Path we are exploring the topic of Building Bridges.  

Week One (of each month):  I introduce the monthly topic (see schedule of topics, below).

Weeks Two and Three: I will share stories–my own and others’–demonstrating the principles of the monthly topic.

Week Four:  I will present a Better Endings perspective on the monthly topic based on insights gleaned throughout the month.



January         Schismogenesis–Go for the Win-Win!

February       The Middle Path–Find Common Ground

March            If You Smile…Not Lost in Translation

April               Listening and Hearing Another’s Truth

May                I Can See You, Can You See Me?

June                Soul Equals Soul

July                  A Bridge Over Troubled Waters

August             Communicate!

September       Not Needing to be Right or to be Understood

October            What If? Imagine

November        Seeing through the Illusion

December         Where to from Here?



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