Life Is… Heeding the Call—Reclaiming Your Life Dream


We are proceeding month by month with this blog to combine positive Life Metaphors with a universal set of Archetypal character figures that are part of each of our total identities–though to differing proportions consciously and unconsciously for different people and at different times.  For June our Life Metaphor is Life Is…Heeding the Call—Reclaiming Your Life Dream, and we will bring the COMMUNICATOR Archetype into conjunction with this theme.

When you were a child, how did you answer the question: “When I Grow Up, I Want to Be______ ?” And then later when you were in your teenage years, what IDEAL careers or experiences did you ardently desire to bring about  in your future?  Were your Goals back then the same or similar, or very different from the life you are living as an adult and the future goals you have today? Do you in fact still have a LIFE GOAL (or, Dream) that you yet hope to attain, or have you “given up on dreams” or “settled” for the everyday life you have established as an adult?

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I have found that the way people answer that question, “When I Grow Up, I Want To Be ___”, whether from a child’s perspective or as an adult, can be very revealing of the dominant archetypal orientations of the individual. If as a child you wanted to be a Superhero, for instance, this may express your IDEALIST or WARRIOR nature, depending on which Superhero you were identifying with. If you wanted to be a veterinarian, this may reflect your HEALER or NOURISHER archetypal makeup. Often the more “adult” way we answer the same question today still reflects these same archetypal yearnings, even if the form expressed –e.g. now maybe much more practical sounding—may not seem so “childish”.


Listen to your Inner Child self as It answers this question today. Putting all practicality aside for the time being: What DO you want to be when you GROW UP?” Now then, what Part of Self does that express in you? Is there a part of you still longing to fulfill Its Strengths and dreams and ideals? Let this part of yourself SPEAK, communicate Its needs and wishes, which are part of the larger Self you aim to Realize.


So let’s see, how might I answer that question today?

When I GROW UP, I want to be:

…giving back to the Whole of life, to others, in ways that utilize my deepest strengths and insights from the first 60 years of this life (at least).

What archetypal potentials does that yearning reflect?



Interestingly, four of the five archetypal potentials indicated above (Teacher, Communicator, Healer and Mystic) are “Dissolving”  stage archetypes: those involved with RESOLUTION and INTEGRATION of the 3 process stages of Origination, Maintaining, and Dissolving archetype expressions. Dissolving archetype character traits bring processes and lessons to a stage of understanding, usefulness, and resolution. So it certainly makes sense that as I approach a “Giving Back” cycle of life after 60, these archetypes are stepping forth to guide the reins.

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I invite YOU to answer these questions and to LISTEN to these energies from within your own greater Self! What are they calling you to BE/ KNOW/ DO, Now?

I invite and welcome your comments and stories.

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Dear Readers and Visitors: You may find the  Comments in the right panel (“What people are saying”) and I absolutely welcome your input! Joshua shares about his own Vision Quest which led him to discover his purpose as a Teacher. Gail reveals how she and her husband are trying new things in a Nurturing manner. I hope you can all relate to how we express deep aspects of our Soul-Self (Jung called it Psyche or Soul) as we develop our various life potentials. What are some of your archetypal cast of characters that show up in what you love and are drawn to do and be? -L

PS: Since these posts will be up for a few days each,I will use prefaces like this to integrate your comments and insights! So check back between posts and always feel free to add to the running conversation!



When I was in High School, around 9th grade, I wanted to be a gym teacher, because I loved running the obstacle course that my school’s gym teacher created for us. Then in 10th grade, I wanted to be an English teacher and a Stage Director, because I loved the English classes and the reading material of my favorite teacher, Mr. Scelsa, and I served as his assistant for directing two memorable student plays.

Now that I understand Archetypes, I realize these high school ambitions were about wanting to express my inner Teacher as a primary aspect of Self, with Artist, Idealist, and Communicator character traits also desiring expression. One day in my senior year Mr. Scelsa talked with me between classes. He told me that if I would be gratified with the prospect of a student remembering 30 years later some line of poetry or some insight I had shared as their teacher, without even remembering where that thought had come from, then it would be appropriate for me to pursue becoming a Teacher. I have never forgotten that, and Teacher has been my primary Archetypal mode of manifestation of Self.


The new approach to working with your archetypal traits that I will be introducing in Life Paths is based in part on what Jung would call “Situational Archetypes”. Some of the archetypal aspects of Self we all experience are associated with the ROLES we enact in our lives, and it is this subset of your dynamic archetypal influences that I will be acquainting you with as we go forward with this blogging process over the next six months and in Life Paths (my upcoming book and self-help Handbook kit). So, Teacher is one of my Primary Archetype Allies, and I have grown into its expression over the past 35 years. Understanding this helps me to appreciate the dynamics of being a Teacher so that over time and experience I have grown into being a role model—as Mr. Scelsa was for me—for some of my own students. But Teacher is only one of my Primary Archetypes; there are others, some of which I have yet to fully manifest and aim to develop further in the next Chapters of my life.


Can you relate? What is the PRIMARY mode of Self-expression you manifest in your life? When you answer this week’s Life Mapping prompt of WHEN I GROW UP I WANT TO BE…, what sorts of ROLES are you wanting to more fully express as you aim to “Live Your Dream, Now”?


Last Saturday on the heartfelt FINDINGMYINNERCOURAGE blog, author Dawn posted the following insights and picture about “Energy Flows”. It is a propos to our Life Paths topic this week of Planting a Vision Seed of Who you wish to Become:

Energy Flows

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 “Energy flows where intention goes.” – James Redfield

Have you ever thought about where your energy goes? Or where you’re putting most of your energy into? By focusing on all of what we wish to accomplish, all of our energy is directed towards enabling us to achieve our vision. Good intentions and attitudes will influence the positive to surpass the negative. The only thing it takes . . . happy thoughts!

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Don’t you just love Synchronicity? I do!

Please feel free to share YOUR stories and insights.