Find the Gold, Bring It Forth

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In the opening post this month it came through that the Mystic archetype is that which is able to “find the Gold and bring it up” to the surface of your awareness. This is a part of you that sees through surfaces to what lies beneath; that perceives the true and the good—or their opposites—despite outer appearances. Such a valuable Ally!


It is important to pay attention to this Seer side of you. How can you tune in when your “inner tuition” is trying to alert you or draw your attention to something your conscious mind might be denying or blind to? You must be willing to connect with this ‘deep’ facet of your awareness in order to follow its promptings or to accept and acknowledge its truths.

People are often afraid of their own Mystic potentials.  Perhaps it will reveal to you something you would rather ignore, like the actual state of a relationship or even an opportunity for significant change that will require that you take a step forward in a direction you may not yet feel ready to take.


So remember to pause, to ask, to LISTEN to what your Mystic Guide wants you to realize or understand. It may appear to you in a DREAM manifestation, as a Dream Guide or an elder Wizard or Teacher. Keep a dream journal and write in it often, then also review your dream entries on a regular basis to reflect on patterns and themes showing up in your unconscious dream promptings. Then once you acknowledge and understand your inner guidance, contemplate how you can ACT. I would encourage you to act in tandem with your inner Mystic, to allow it to guide your actions forward. It will lead you  according to your deepest sense of truth and value, so it is unlikely to ever steer you wrong.


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I welcome your insights and stories!

Encounter with a Mystic Seer

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Twenty-two years ago almost precisely this week, I had recently finished graduate school and  I applied for two university positions that were open, one in Colorado Springs, Colorado and another in Austin, Texas. On the short list of applicants for the Colorado job, I went there to interview from a Tuesday through a Thursday in March and then I returned to where I then lived, in Phoenix.  That Sunday my friend Cam invited me to go with her to the first Renaissance festival I ever attended, near Phoenix.  Just inside the gates, the very first booth I noticed and was drawn to check out was for a palmist, named Madam Carolyn (You can click to see her web site). My great-great Aunt Bessie, one of my favorite relatives while growing up, had been something of a gypsy and she had read palms; because of her I had even studied about palmistry while in high school. I was intrigued; it would be fun, anyway. I paid fifteen dollars and sat for a reading.


The very first words Mme. Carolyn said to me were:

“You’re going to get the job.” [I had not said a word to her, at all, nor had my friend.]

Followed by:

“And you’re going to work in one of the other two places I do Renaissance fairs; either Colorado Springs, Colorado or Austin, Texas.” [You can imagine my shock!]

“But, you won’t believe anything unless you’re hit over the head with a two-by-four.”

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I was flabbergasted, especially the next Monday when I was offered the job in Colorado, where I have worked ever since.  That next summer I went to the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, Colorado (near Colorado Springs), and sure enough, there was Madame Carolyn. I thanked her profoundly and have visited her for a reading every summer since that astounding day in Phoenix.  Although I might say that I have long believed clairvoyance is possible, never in my wildest imagination would I have expected such true, clear awareness from someone I had never even met. A two-by-four it was [She was right about that, too]!


I have often since wondered WHY I stumbled upon such an accurate mystic in my encounter with Mme. Carolyn (BTW she still reads at both the Phoenix and the Larkspur events, where she is understandably very popular!)  Why did I need to receive this astounding experience? Perhaps it was to show me that it is possible for a Mystic to accomplish true, untrammeled perception.


To be clear, I am not one who generally seeks out any form of psychic reading. I mainly believe that we are the best interpreters of our own dreams and the clearest visionaries for our own lives, or should be. Maybe as I was just about to embark upon an “academic” career, I needed a bit of an eye opener as to what more there is to know than book knowledge; a proverbial carrot being dangled before me as an invitation—or an admonition!—to keep my mind OPEN to the mysteries of life and to strive to explore the deeper truths on my own, as well.


So, how about you? Have you been struck on the head by any two-by-fours lately? I welcome your insights and stories!

The Mystic Archetype

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Magi, Guide, Master, Seer, Guru, Oracle, Clairvoyant, or Sage; and Merlin, Glinda, Gandalf, or Dumbledore: all fill the shoes or hold the torch of the MYSTIC archetype. And each of us, I am happy to observe, harbor within us the full potential for expressing the Mystic ourselves.


MYSTIC is a Water archetype corresponding with Pisces.  It often brings life lessons that involve a Descent and reemergence.  The Mystic holds the key to answering many a mystery or question. Remember to call upon your own Inner Mystic when your query is profound.

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Mystic may appear in your dreams or in your spiritual practice through meditation, prayer or contemplation. Pay attention when he or she visits with you in a dream, as your Dream Guide is able to impart vital insight to you while your conscious mind is less likely to interfere. Is this Inner Guide, then, merely an archetypal part of your Self or may It also be a spiritual agency appearing from another dimension? That hardly matters so long as you receive the message. And, it may be either, or both; for archetypes are simply FORMS, whether personal or transpersonal. We project archetypes onto others as well as identify with them within our own psyche, and spiritual guides certainly also appear to us in these same modes.


Consider some questions you might pose to your inner Mystic that you might otherwise not ask at all.  Your deepest questions ARE worth investigating beyond what your outer mind can explore. For example:

Who Am I?

Why Am I Here?

What is my Life Mission?

How May I Fulfill this Worthy Purpose?

Now then, May You Dream! And remember to Ask!