Prelude to the NEW Better Endings


Welcome to the second six months of Better Endings! The full title of this blog is now Better Endings for Life Paths: Life Mapping to Live Your Dream, Now!

This will remain a positively oriented site with weekly topics; I will introduce and invite you to engage in self-reflection and specific personal growth & development principles and techniques associated with the approach of Life Mapping.  The blog topics will as of Sunday present a more process-oriented, step by step and stage by stage series of topics related to the Life Maps Process which I’ve developed over the past twelve years and will soon be sharing more fully with my book and self-help Handbook titled Life Paths. The creative modalities and self-help techniques presented with this blog will include representative samples of the more complete self-help process which the upcoming book will provide for the general public.

What I will be sharing with you in this blog will still be unique; it is not taken directly from the book. Rather, I’ll be presenting a practical and sometimes a theoretical background and supplementary material to share an ‘insider’ knowledge about the LIFE PATHS approach in advance of the book’s publication. The blog will remain an INTERACTIVE space. The general pattern will be that on Sundays I’ll introduce a topic that develops a thread of ideas, then on Tuesdays I will offer a Life Mapping activity and invite you to try it out for yourself. On Fridays I will share insights you have shared with me along with some case story findings from my research on Life Mapping and some additional ideas and discussion of principles.

I want to begin by expressing my deep gratitude for those of you readers who have been loyal as well as sometimes-readers of Better Endings to now.

I have been ‘itching’ to get started with this renewed phase of Better Endings, so I am launching this earlier in order to set up the Sunday – Tuesday — Friday sequence to begin this coming Sunday, May 25. Meanwhile I have some revising to do to the basic layout on the site; you’ll see this morphing over the rest of this week in the background while I’ll continue to post Best of Better Endings stories in the main panel through Saturday.


A good person who is a former student came visiting today at the university, returned from her travels in Korea.  She is the author of the Best of Better Endings post I will rerun tomorrow, Amethyst. She said she has enjoyed reading this blog because it is a relief to find something POSITIVE day to day online. I feel encouraged by Amethyst’s acknowledgement that readers may be discovering supportive and wellness inspiring stories here, from all who have been contributing.

This is still all about Better Endings! Life Mapping is simply a fun, creative way to envision and manifest Better Endings in your own – and others’ lives (as I hope you might share any hopeful and positive techniques with those whom you feel could benefit). PLease know you are welcome and invited to share YOUR insights and stories as we proceed!