Saturday’s Better Endings: Let’s Keep the Conversation Going!


Since last week, Denise shared her concept of “rewind” (Guest Blog, November 21), an approach that anyone can use to achieve a better ending.  When a couple or any people speak or act unthinkingly  in a way that fosters conflict or a misunderstanding, they can agree to a rewind–start the conversation over–like waliking out of a room then knocking to come back in and start over. This way they can re-vision their interaction more in keeping with a better ending. Lovely!

Brystalite commented on Denise’s idea (she had applied the idea of rewind to road rage), adding a similar approach she calls “pause”.  Brystalite uses Pause to encourage herself to think before she might otherwise react negatively to a provocation, such as another driver behaving badly.

Corinne’s Guest Blog on Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 28) regards better endings as a spiritual principle: better endings are those that are in harmony with “Divine Order”. Corinne says we can recognize a Better Ending pathway as one that offers ‘least resistance’ to such harmonic behavior (my apology to a pun on your last name, Corinne Harmon!)

This is rich material, all of you. Thanks for sharing your insights!

Let’s keep the conversation going…. I invite all of you following or reading this blog to Comment, to send in your own perspective on Better Endings, and to submit your Better Endings stories on our weekly topic themes. By the way,  tonight is the deadline for your Better Endings story on re-visioning a Movie Better Ending. (You can create a gravatar image to share your photo or graphic id with us by going to

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To Better Understand Our Place and Meaning in the World, by Corinne M. Harmon


“What does ‘better endings’ mean to me?” Better endings is a perception, the mystery of our consciousness to design our reality into imagined, creative conclusions to better understand our place and meaning in the world. In the space of choice, we pick our path of the greatest or least resistance to what is presented to us. Better endings is a deep knowing that everything is in Divine Order; that what is, is what is for our Highest good even in the darkest of times, the despair of perceived bitter endings. The phrase, bitter/ sweet reflects the understanding of the duality of our experiences and better endings is just the other side of the coin of bitter endings.

In the expression of karmic energy patterns, all endings are better endings in the sense that they fulfill the commitments of the infinite journeys of All souls, all for the the forward progression of creation, ever expanding, ever fulfilled in Its expression.

Dr. Corinne Harmon is a professor of Leadership in Education with a background in Educational Administration and Special Education. She is also a practicing Life Coach in the Colorado Springs/ Denver area. She hosts spiritual retreats and wellness programs.