Heed the Call


What nags at you, reaching back  from your possible, desirable future? Yes it is that: possible and even within the realm of the probable if only you will heed the Call that beckons only to you!

Martha Graham said it best:

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” 
― Martha Graham


Physicists now theorize there are flows from the future to the past as much as from the present via memory. What is a future memory but a vision? Sages say: “All creation is finished in the lower worlds,” as the outer reality is but a reflection, a projection from higher planes.


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So look within, listen, and heed YOUR call! The universe will meet you half way!

Home Base

Heart Floating Away Showing Loss Of Love And Broken Heart

Let’s pick up today where we left off on Tuesday:

“Our projected journey ends where it begins because it is not really about going anywhere; rather, it is about remembering who we ARE, what our Source, IS.”


I invite you now to close your eyes and imagine a place or a relationship or a memory of a time where you have felt totally, authentically “at Home.”   Envision this homey, comfy place or relationship as your Source—a location you “live IN” even Now, where you return to in your thoughts and feelings when you desire to be safe and protected in a nourishing wholeness.


Write or engage in active contemplation about your “home base.” Describe and imagine the sights and the sounds, the smells and colors and the deep textures of your Heartland, this place or personal  relationship that in some recess of your Soul grounds and defines you.


I can imagine three places and three relationships that carry this feeling of Home for me. One is a certain spot overlooking the Canadian Niagara Falls; another is what I call my Eagle’s Nest overlooking Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, AZ; the third is a sacred, personal temple on an Inner plane I often visit in contemplations. Also D/M, Ariel, and Sophie are relationships with whom I have shared such comfort as to feel eternally at Home within the heart.


Choose one of your Home Base memories or touchstones to contemplate upon deeply. Be-Here-Now! Allow yourself to fully settle into the comfort of this favorite homeland in your heart. What do you feel here? It is Love, I am sure. Love like the warm rays of the sun surrounding and uplifting you in the midst of winter, nurturing and renewing your every atom, every cell.


When I first traveled to Sedona, AZ, 38 years ago, I found a private spot in Oak Creek Canyon that I call my Eagle’s Nest.  Sitting in the aerie overlooking the verdant, spacious canyon, even now I feel at peace in this quiet, harmonious expanse of colors, light and sounds. I wrote a poem there that first day:

The Canyon

It is drawing me into Its depths;

It will contain me,

Yet in that instant It shall free me

Until me-ness dissolves

beyond eternity

Where just Is-ness, IS


So where is YOUR Homeland, your connection with Source?

Free Yourself! Write a Better Ending

“So we beat on,
boats against the current,
borne back ceaselessly
into the Past.”
F.Scott Fitzgerald

This final line from The Great Gatsby, so recently reprised for us, was my tagline for many years of this life.  I felt so much more alive in some specific memories from my late teenage years that nothing in the Present could ever measure up. This has changed for me, I realize, over the past few years, but why?  As I have developed the approach to personal life reflection and future prospection which I call the Life Maps Process, I have piloted every step before applying it with others.  One of these techniques is called Re-Vision a Past Transition.  (One of our weekly topics will allow you to practice this in your own way, if you like.)  I revisited a traumatic moment with my father when I was 17. I journaled in first person, present tense, writing  a dialogue between me and my Dad as if it had occurred the day after he had unleashed his raging temper against me when I simply had tried to defend my brother about something at the dinner table.

The words don’t matter here. But the exchange between my memory of my father at that time and my today-self that could engage with him without fear or the hurt and anger I felt then was transformative. We got to say to each other things we really might have said, apart from the heat of the moment. He got to hear my pain; I got to hear his frustration about a teen-aged daughter in the late 1960’s who was headstrong and, in his belief, needing to be tamed to prevent hard knocks in “the real world” (his view) down the road.

This conversation that I journaled with my father is as real–perhaps more because I directly engaged instead of shrinking from the immediate moment–as the actual scene that had occurred so many years ago.  It has deeply revised my “memory” construction of the event.  This sort of re-visioning, I feel deeply, freed me forever from that interaction with my Dad that had scarred me for years.  I cannot remember back to that event without remembering the coming to terms we experienced in our ‘later’ dialogue.

From freeing myself of this “stuck” memory, I seem to have released myself in general from “living in the past” altogther, even freeing myself from being ‘bound’ to those positive experiences I was so holding onto.  Now that I see that memories are not necessarily fixed or frozen ‘in time’, I am free to be more flexible in the Present. Again then, past-present-future are entangled; you can’t change one without affecting them all.

And so, another form of Better Endings.

I know some of you are writing your historical rewrite and I hope to see your stories in my email!  Feel free to send Comments too!