What Are Your Life Themes?


 Life Balance Diagram Shows Family Career Health And Friends

Each of our lives might be described as an orchestral symphony or a stellar constellation in the sense that it is a pattern of elements–harmonizing, overlapping, and sometimes in counterpoint or opposition–that creates a unique composition of our psychic/spiritual as well as our physical makeup.


And as we each compose our unique constellations of life experience, certain recurring kinds of events develop into patterns of meaningful texture and form that together weave the unique character of the life we live.   You could call these interweaving ‘movements’ or elements of your unique life experience your LIFE THEMES. Family, Education, Romance, Travel, Work, Spirituality, Hobbies, Health, and other such Themes are the threads that form the variegated colors and shapes in the meaningful fabric of our lives.


 So what are your Life Themes?  Last week I invited you to create a list of the Shaping Moments or significant events of your life; those main situations and events that have ‘shaped the person you have become.’ (If you are just joining us or haven’t yet made your list, I encourage you to do so, now.)


I invite you to read over your list of shaping events from last week or now, asking yourself, for each of these significant events, ‘What KIND of event was this in my life?’ Some events might have been “Family” events, or “Work” events, for example. It is important for you to name what Kinds of events these were according to your own understanding.

Make a list of these CATEGORIES or Kinds of life events, and write down next to each category name a set of numbers representing events you identified last week. That is, number among your set of Shaping Events and sort these into categories of Kinds of events they represent to you. These Categories or kinds of life events are your recurring LIFE THEMES.

Health Work Career Friends Signpost Showing Life And Lifestyle Balance

It is enough for this week simply to identify your Life Themes and to sort your Shaping Events into these categories. Check back Tuesday for a discussion about how you can reflect on your Life Themes as a method of Life Mapping.

PLease feel free to share your questions or stories!