Summertime is great for the August Golden Child. We should take advantage of the relative freedom we enjoy during the summer months (at least here in the States it is June-August).  Children have time out from their normal school routines to explore their hobbies and develop their interests; to play!  And adults tend also to feel their freedom more in Summer, taking “time out” for needed vacations during the interstice before another yearly cycle of work proceeds.


Of course, I speak as one who has grown up in an academic world, from school as a youth to college and then teaching at a university for the past 23 years! So, to me, the years are marked in semesters, and Summertime is a welcome time of relative freedom from a ‘normal’ week to week and month to month scheduling. Still, even if your work world or home life are not so liberated during the summer months, isn’t Summertime still a blessing for most of us?  At least in the U.S., the season of summer in most of the country brings warmth and the harvest from Spring planting of corn and many other staple foods and fruits.


So, whatever your circumstances might be right now, remember to draw upon your Golden Child nature to GET OUT and PLAY!  Celebrate your total Self, share with your Family and  dear friends, COME OUT TO PLAY!


We all need to exercise our Inner Child sometimes. Let the golden rays of the Sun brighten your days and warm your Heart this Leo month of the Golden Child. Then later you can tell others about, “What I did on my summer vacation.”  I hope that you spread your wings through what is yet left of this Summer; that you expand your thinking and broaden your point of view by exploring new vistas of the Soul!


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Advice from your Golden Child


A major advantage and goal of getting to know your archetypal ‘parts of Self’ is that you can call upon various of your archetypal sub-selves to draw upon their specific perspectives and strengths of character. After all, these archetypal energies are facets of your Self.  Your Golden Child is that charismatic part of yourself that is always willing to step forward to help you express yourself boldly when the situation calls for that. But Golden Child is one of those archetypal personae that many of us—not Leos, for instance—tend to suppress or bury.


Can you think of a current situation in your life that could benefit from your stepping forth to make bold proclamations? Well then, even if you may not be ready to let your Golden Child shine forth fully on your life stage, I invite you to a technique that can help you allow your Golden Child to give you (or others) the advice It is ready to proclaim.

This is an active imagination technique such as Carl Jung and James Hillman have used to encounter  archetypal personae in their own unconscious domains.


Set some alone time to spend a half an hour or so in a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. With eyes closed or open (your choice), imagine! Let yourself sink into a part of yourself where your Golden Child lives. Ask him or her about a situation in your life where you could use strong advice. Have a conversation or just listen/attend to what this bold facet of yourself wants to say to you about the situation. You could also imagine someone else there with you, someone you wish you could be bold enough to say something to that you really wish you could say.


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When you complete your active imagination session, I encourage you to journal about it. Either write out the dialogue as you remember it or at least record the bold statements that your Golden Child proclaimed as messages from your unconscious. By the way, what is she or he like, that part of you that gets to say everything you’d like to be able to express? How might you allow that part of yourself to have more of a voice in your life? Maybe in that situation you were contemplating? Write ONE STATEMENT that boldly proclaims what you need to say. You can print this out and write your statement below if you wish to:


I welcome your Comments and Stories!


Positive Self-Postulates (from your Golden Child)


Your GOLDEN CHILD archetype certainly would be one to express this month’s metaphor of Life Is a Bowl of Cherries! I have known a few GOLDEN CHILD-dominant personalities in my life, often Leos but not always. They are ready to claim the Brass Ring as their own, and not without reason. They express an attitude of entitlement, usually positively but sometimes not. They tend to be highly successful at what they set their hearts—and votes—to accomplishing.



Positive affirmations are in a GOLDEN CHILD’s core vocabulary. “I can do it! I CAN! I will! I am!” all carry the self-assertive energy of the Leonine persona. So for this next few days, I invite you to allow your own inner GOLDEN CHILD Archetype Ally to state some positive affirmations that can (will!) help you with any current issues or that can (do!) propel you toward fulfilling your most desired future goals.



Some trial-run personal examples:

  • I will accomplish my heart’s purpose on this visit with my Mom. (Tuesday night: Yes! She survived another trip to the hospital today and is back in her familiar, beloved nursing home environment.)
  • I will shift the balance of a nagging work situation back to a win-win situation for all.
  • I am a vehicle for love, trust and clarity!

This is fun…and it works! It feels very empowering and focused. So I invite each of you who are reading this blog to let your own INNER CHILD proclaim positive affirmations for YOU. And then… Be Here Now to live them! I welcome your Comments and stories!

You Have a Golden Child Within

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The GOLDEN CHILD is a universal persona archetype within what Carl Jung would call all of our “collective unconscious.” That means it is in the architecture of the human psyche, available as a figure any of us might draw upon in forging our self-expression or personality and forming our sense of identity.

Like any collective persona archetype form, your inner GOLDEN CHILD aspect of Self might be highly expressive or repressed; it might function in a very positive mode (what I call its Strength mode), or it could display SHADOW potentials. In the “positive,” GOLDEN CHILD is a very charismatic, generous, positive force of character.  It is associated with the astrological sign of Leo. In “Shadow” mode, GOLDEN CHILD could present itself as overly self-confident, boisterous, or jealous, especially when it is feeling undervalued or frustrated.

What is YOUR Golden Child nature? This week I invite you to explore this archetypal resource as it manifests both outwardly and inwardly in your life or your Persona. To do so, consider when you may have felt or acted most “like” a Golden Child. When have you felt most assertively demonstrative or even positively egotistical? When? Why? In what manner? To what result?

Last week—appropriately as this month of July began—I exhibited my own Leonine Golden Child twice very noticeably, once to a good effect in an important conversation in which I needed to represent myself clearly and well, and the second time not so positively but still with a positive effect overall, standing up for my mother’s needs in a hospital context.

Your GOLDEN CHILD nature can be a strong ALLY for you, a force for good in your world and in service to others. Allow it (her or him) to shine forth to brighten your way!