What is Your Purpose Here? The Road of the Idealist


This week is for Practice. I’m simply going to present you with some contemplation or journaling prompts to help you bring together your Idealist outlook with the metaphor of Life as a Long and Winding Road. This time, while I am definitely journaling about and contemplating these questions myself, I will not be sharing my personal responses here.

I encourage you to reflect this week on three sets of questions:

Sunday: Where are you now in relation to fulfilling your ideals?

Tuesday: Where are you going in order to fulfill your Ideal Vision?

Friday: How are you going to get there/ manifest your Ideal conditions and values?

Snowdrop with drops

So, for Sunday/ Monday, I invite you to gently consider:

Where are you now in relation to fulfilling your Ideals?


  • What are your highest Ideal values and goals?



  • Where are you at now in relation to achieving those ideals? 




  • How do you manifest (which of your) ideals daily?




  • In what ways do you fall short of fully realizing your ideals in the present?





lotus flower

 Allow me to add one question that comes from my dream this Sunday morning. I  was teaching to a large group of persons. I asked first one student, who spoke beautifully, and then I addressed the same question to the whole class:

“What is your purpose here? Not, ‘what is your purpose HERE? But, ‘What is your PURPOSE here?”


I welcome all of your insights and stories.