Home Base

Heart Floating Away Showing Loss Of Love And Broken Heart

Let’s pick up today where we left off on Tuesday:

“Our projected journey ends where it begins because it is not really about going anywhere; rather, it is about remembering who we ARE, what our Source, IS.”


I invite you now to close your eyes and imagine a place or a relationship or a memory of a time where you have felt totally, authentically “at Home.”   Envision this homey, comfy place or relationship as your Source—a location you “live IN” even Now, where you return to in your thoughts and feelings when you desire to be safe and protected in a nourishing wholeness.


Write or engage in active contemplation about your “home base.” Describe and imagine the sights and the sounds, the smells and colors and the deep textures of your Heartland, this place or personal  relationship that in some recess of your Soul grounds and defines you.


I can imagine three places and three relationships that carry this feeling of Home for me. One is a certain spot overlooking the Canadian Niagara Falls; another is what I call my Eagle’s Nest overlooking Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona, AZ; the third is a sacred, personal temple on an Inner plane I often visit in contemplations. Also D/M, Ariel, and Sophie are relationships with whom I have shared such comfort as to feel eternally at Home within the heart.


Choose one of your Home Base memories or touchstones to contemplate upon deeply. Be-Here-Now! Allow yourself to fully settle into the comfort of this favorite homeland in your heart. What do you feel here? It is Love, I am sure. Love like the warm rays of the sun surrounding and uplifting you in the midst of winter, nurturing and renewing your every atom, every cell.


When I first traveled to Sedona, AZ, 38 years ago, I found a private spot in Oak Creek Canyon that I call my Eagle’s Nest.  Sitting in the aerie overlooking the verdant, spacious canyon, even now I feel at peace in this quiet, harmonious expanse of colors, light and sounds. I wrote a poem there that first day:

The Canyon

It is drawing me into Its depths;

It will contain me,

Yet in that instant It shall free me

Until me-ness dissolves

beyond eternity

Where just Is-ness, IS


So where is YOUR Homeland, your connection with Source?