Live Your Dream, Now! With Better Movie Endings


So have you made your list of movies which endings you would change?  If not, please take a few minutes to participate. Write a list of films you love, except for their endings. Make a note of what you don’t like about the ending and how you would re-vision the ending so it would be more satisfying to you.

Now then, look over your list.  What do these choices of films that  don’t end well by your standards reveal about YOU and specifically about how you view ‘better endings’?

When I review my own list (see the Daily Post for Wednesday, Nov. 27), I see a very clear pattern. I don’t like it when a main character “settles for less”.  I want the protagonist to reach for and achieve their highest human and spiritual potential.  Which is true, of course, for myself as well; I’m always striving to reach the next vista, take the next step in the direction of fulfilling my sense of purpose and adventure.

So ask yourself, what does your list reveal about the sort of Better Endings you seek in your own life? You are welcome to Comment on your insights. And there is still time (deadline Saturday night) to submit your Better Movie Ending story for Story of the Week.

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Better Movie Endings


The Great Gatsby is an example of a storyline with a grim conclusion.  In the most recent film installment, again Jay dies, scapegoat to his gold-digging romantic obsession’s deceit.  Well yes, I know, it is F. Scott Fitzgerald and a wonderfully twisted plot, and we should fully honor and respect good writing.  Still, no ‘ends’ are sacrosanct here.  How might you have liked to see the story end differently, just once?  What lesson might the Great Gatsby have learned that could cause a transformational  turning point in our flawed hero’s trajectory?  Let’s just think on that one; journal about it or write out an alternative ending and, if you do, please submit it!  It would be fun to compare a range of different scenarios.

This week’s topic is Better Movie Endings.  Here’s your chance to finally experience satisfaction with that film you have always loved, except for the ending.  The whole idea of Better Endings came to me when I walked out of the most recent King Kong movie.  I simply could not bear to watch the Great Kong plummet one more time from the Empire State building to his demise as the result of human ignorance.  Tomorrow I will share my own better ending for that story.

So make a list.  What movies would you love to write Better Endings for?

And so, just write!  I would love for you to send in your results, but what matters most is that you do the practice, even just by journaling or on a restaurant napkin.  This blog is not about how “well” you write. It is about putting the principle of Better Endings into practice in your life.

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