As Above, So Below–Live Your Dream, Now! Part 2


You might have noticed how over the past six months this blog site has utilized a principle of threes. Three topics per weekly theme have served to introduce, to invite you to explore, and then to provide an exercise for you to practice that could help you to ground or integrate the weekly theme.

For this final week of this Life Paths for Better Endings sequence of themes, I will engage you with our theme of Live Your Dream, Now! via presenting three facets of this idea. On Sunday I invited you to look at how aspects of your present NOW could already be linked with the future NOW of your Life Dream fulfilled. This step allows you to look at what you can be doing or adding to your current life routines or activities to orient or steer yourself in the direction of manifesting your Life Dream ‘down the road’ while continuing your day to day life in an expectant state.


Second, for today through Thursday, Live Your Dream, Now! can also mean to visualize your Life Dream via exercising your active imagination. You may use meditation, prayer or contemplation to place yourself imaginatively into your desired future life Dreamscape.  Use your creative imagination to explore this inner space. Go here often. Explore in depth! Write in your journal about what you experience, or create a poem or a piece of art to represent or make a totem about your vision, and/or you can share your insights and Aha! moments with your loved ones.


As Eastern religious traditions emphasize (although, this is a universal spiritual/ creative principle): As Above, So Below! That means that what we manifest outwardly begins as a seed inwardly. To nurture that seed so that it grows into the outward manifestation of our Life Dream fulfilled, we may feed that thought form from within via contemplation, meditation, or prayerful states of faith and steadfast Knowingness.

motion blurred road

I will develop a third and final step for you on Friday that can help you further to Live Your Dream, Now. In general, this principle of Live Your Dream, Now! is the throughline for the Life Maps Process in its entirety. It is important to understand that your Life Dream—and we all have one, whether or not we are currently nurturing it—is something definite and real; it is not merely a nebulous or unrealistic,  ‘pie in the sky’ wish. Live Your Dream, NOW means that we do not have to wait to act on our desires to fulfill our deepest aspirations. We can begin NOW, today, in THIS MOMENT to live into this positive state of consciousness of your dream fulfilled!

I invite your insights and stories.