Family and Better Endings: Reflection Prompts


Better Endings and Family would seem to go together seamlessly, and for many it probably does. Not all families are in optimal conditions or situations, though, so Better Endings in these cases might be more about the love and support, or shared grief, that Family brings even to situations of the most dire hardship or disaster.


The following Tuesday Prompts List aims to cover a wide array of conceivable topics for your reflection. I invite you to write/ journal, contemplate/ meditate about, talk about, or artistically represent your responses to one or more of the following prompts about Family and Better Endings. :

  • Ability and disability
  • Addiction and co-dependency
  • Survival
  • Adoptive family
  • Fosterage
  • Coaching/ inspiration
  • Life lessons learned
  • Working together
  • Role models
  • Refuge
  • Brothers and sisters
  • Mothers and Daughters/ Sons
  • Fathers and Sons/ Daughters
  • Growing up fast
  • Pet family
  • Diverse family
  • Buddies: friends as family
  • Elder care
  • Health and family
  • Death in the family
  • In-laws
  • Divorce and/or remarriage
  • Living with parents as an adult


As I am dedicating this week to my Mother, Elizabeth, here she is at her nursing home with her beloved feline friend, Peek-a-Boo. The picture is from my sister Cheryl, who is our Mom’s nearest caregiver in Upper Western New York. Peek-a-Boo is living with Cheryl because the nursing home can’t manage pet residents, so when Mom and Peek-a-Boo are able to visit, you can see the joy of their Soul-to-Soul connection. Thanks, Cheryl!


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I welcome your insights, Comments, and stories on any of the above themes. Whether you share with us here or not, I hope that one or more of these prompts might lead to Better Endings to you or your loved ones via your own reflections!