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Submit your own story for Better Endings: You may Email your Word file insights or story  to me at . Please provide your preferred author’s byline name and, if you like, a brief bio that I will publish. All materials published in this blog site remain the copyright of the author.


18 thoughts on “ShareYour Stories

  1. Hi Linda,
    I really like your blog.
    It has tweaked my brain into thinking about several situations in my life and how they might have ended differently.
    I’ll keep reading. I hope I can come up with at least one submission worthy for consideration.
    Will you be posting stories written by others?


    • YES! My aim is to publish a story of the week from readers every Sunday and a guest blog on Thursdays about what Better Endings means to you. When I don’t receive submissions I re-blog fro other sites. Coing topics (see the weekly topics tab) include Travel related and family related…and then future related Better Endings. Pleas submit! Linda


  2. Hi I really like your blog and would like to contribute to it as soon as I write something interesting enough. In the meantime I shall continue to visit


    • Thank you. Yes, please share as much and as often as you wish! If you try the Life Mapping weekly activities, feel free to share any insights or results or any thoughts on the subject – Linda


  3. I agree that there is a better ending. I like the mapping idea on this blog. I think that is what I am doing by startting my blog called:
    Empty Nest-A whimsicial Journey to Survive and Self Actualize at
    Its a daily challenge of doing something new each day and writting about it in a fun way becasue I cant be the only one in universe with child going to college and a crack in a relationship. It fun journey and might be for others. Your Mapping is in the same line and can see how that helps to reach full self potential. Thanks for this blog and hope you will like mine.


  4. I have been searching for a site where I could put up a guest post and I will follow your site and check out what you are looking for before I submit. Thank you for noticing our childrens site.


  5. Thanks! I wrote over an year with my Inner healer, when I had brest cancer. I did it almost everyday. It was really an transforming and healing experience. I am completly a new person after this journaling process. Actually as a hypnotherapist I use a lot of journaling with my clients nowadays. It is not a tool for everybody but quite a few client enjoy working home too, by journaling.


    • Thank you for sharing, Katisar. Inner dialogue can be so helpful. When I went through therapy for several years, part of reparenting some of my inner archetypal childlike aspects was to journal dialogues with them, including them in my full consciousness. That in itself was very healing.
      Thanks also for taking the time to respond through the Share your Story mode! -L


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