Finding Out Who You Are

I woke from a dream a few weeks ago where I was attending an advanced acting class being coached by my high school English teacher and theater director.  He had invited me to join the class, which had already been meeting for some time.

I arrived to the class as it was ready to begin. The drama coach said to find a partner to sit near, then he selected a young man as my partner, who was hiding under some clothes to avoid being picked.  I said to the young man, “Acting is not scary.”  Then both he and I in unison added:

“Acting is about finding out who you are.”

I woke then, and I thought about that statement off and on all week  Really all of life is about finding out who you are, isn’t it?  Trying on this and that persona, this and that archetypal part of self in different scenarios, building and aiming to express a core sense of self as best you can, day by day.  And all of the episodes that comprise the scenes, chapters and major acts f your life story, your MyStory, unfold distinctive facets, different dramatic Masks, of your Self in different contexts as you interface with various partners, other personae enacting and finding out about themselves in their own MyStories, too.

So, living—experiencing a lifetime (or many, perhaps)—is set upon a stage where you can find out who You are, what You are made of, in a process of transformational unfoldment.

There is, therefore, a strong sense of purpose at least potentially driving any lifetime.  Gradually in learning who we are we also come to recognize who or what we really are not, or do not wish to be. 

A life well lived is forged in drama, crowned in the comedy of glimpsing the very essence, the divine Soul that we are, and seeing this also in others.

So it can be helpful to reflect on what we are finding out about who we and others are as life unfolds. Journalling, expressing artfully or even contemplating about the lessons in your MyStory can reveal the deeper mystery of your—of all of Our—greater Soul journey.

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Journaling Prompt:

Who Are You? What have you been finding out about your Self in differing scenarios, different chapters of your MyStory?

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