Making A List … Next Steps for Daily Better Endings

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I’d like to bring this discussion back to the Principle of Better Endings as a tool you can apply to your everyday life.  One practice I find useful that helps me to manifest ‘daily better endings’ is making a list of issues I am confronting and attending to each item on the list by identifying action steps I could take and then circling or identifying among these one Next Step I can and am ready to take.  Then, of course, it helps to take that next step or set in motion activities that will result in actualizing that potential.

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Making a list of current issues you face and then identifying and acting on one step you are able and ready to take Now can help psychologically as well as practically.  I find that if too many issues or tasks pile up, I may end up spinning my wheels: tossing and turning instead of sleeping well or dreaming effectively; and falling further behind while new issues continue to accrue.  Just writing a list itself helps me to release my jumbled thoughts around an issue. Spelling out dimensions of the situation or identifying action steps that could help resolve the matters at hand allows me to move on mentally, as I can return to the list to check in on my progress later.  

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The process of writing down and actively contemplating a situation allows the unconscious mind to get an overview of the issues involved.  I find after I identify the situation and put focus on it in this way, I might dream of an effective approach or wake up with a clear understanding of what I need to do.

Better Endings Story Seed:

Making a List

Make a list of those circumstances or conditions in your life that you feel a need to address or that you hope to advance to ‘better endings’ scenarios.  List these situations separately, and identify three or more action steps you can take that would help to advance each situation. For each situation, circle or highlight ONE NEXT STEP that you feel ready and able to take now or in the near foreseeable future to realize your greater potential.  Act on these steps to set in motion a ‘better endings’ forward momentum in your life.