Just Love

I have had a blog post written on the monthly theme of Listening Closely to Others for over a week, but the magnitude and scope of the global pandemic we are all dealing with makes any words I have to say seem weak and vain. So I am postponing regular themes. Today I just want to write from the heart.

At night before trying to get to sleep in these trying times, I have been sending light and love to the earth and all its beings. I visualize sending love and light from the center of my consciousness that then joins with billions of other souls, both embodied and from higher planes, also sending light and love, like 360 degree waves or globes expanding, intermixing and merging to blanket the entire globe in a golden sea of light, love and purity.

It is important I feel when I participate in this global light and love not to try to direct that love in any way. It is not a prayer or petition; it is not asking for anything to occur, just sending light and love and being detached, releasing that love to the whole.  This detachment is necessary to allow the outpouring of love to be humble and pure.

images are from pixabay.com

So if you wish, Just Love.

4 thoughts on “Just Love

  1. Yes! That’s like what I do, except I ask Archangel Raphael, the healer, to guide my soul to wherever it’s needed most and then I start to channel divine gold light.
    In the past he would put me either somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean where two or more earth energy lines crossed or at a nexus point in the Arctic. Once I got put over Washington DC.
    But in the past few months he’s started putting me over towns. A few months ago or so ago I was in Korea somewhere and couldn’t figure out why, but now I know. Lately he’s been sending me to somewhere around Kansas or the Dakotas.
    Archangel Raphael keeps telling me that I am one of thousands doing this, and, of course I believe him, but it’s wonderful to actually know that someone I know is doing it.
    Thank you.

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