My Pet Family Soul Pod/ Through It All


Preparing for retirement and relocation/ transplantation very soon now, I find myself reviewing major periods of life and major transitions I have undertaken. I recognize that three sorts of relations have always been present through these major life chapters: family, friends, and my pets who have been my animal Soul companions.

While I have always felt close to and dearly love my family and close friends, I have long lived geographically distant from my family and I have often had to move away from my closest friends. But my pet family, I realize, have been those who have traveled with me across “the Great Waters”.

When I left Buffalo, NY to attend graduate school in Arizona, it was my beautiful orange-white tabby Chela who was my companion. When I lived for a year at Zuni Pueblo, it was still Chela who accompanied me. Later, when I moved to begin my teaching career in Colorado, by then it was my beautiful Harlequin tortoise-shell calico Ariel who heled me adjust to that big transition. Such a dear Soul, Ariel’s loving comfort saw me through a series of relationship forays which ultimately resolved in my commitment to living humanly alone. Ariel was there as I encountered much activity in the realms of work and spiritual service. She passed in my arms after twenty years, and I still visit her in a higher form in contemplations.

My dog companions have been just as close and have accompanied me in outdoor activities and play. Skyway and Ellie were my loyal friends who helped me transition from one home to another by then along with Ariel, my dear white cat Loki and Baby, who had stayed with me when a former partner left.





Petite, lovely feline Emily, with her brother Arthur who died too young from complications after dental surgery, and most recently also Sophie, my special Shorkie dog companion who has accompanied me on six cross-country trips already to visit my mother at her nursing home and my sister and other family, are those still with me now. Emily, Sophie and I are a Soul Pod, there for each other as a tri-species family. WE have each other to rely on, to love and enjoy.

It is Emily and Sophie who will stand by me as we transition together back East again after nearly forty years. As a Cancerian who is generally an introvert by my basic nature,  I am so grateful to my Soul Pod family for being here. Together we will adventure and discover the golden opportunities that another Big Move can bring.