My Family of Origin


Approaching the Life Theme of FAMILY from an archetypal psychology perspective, I realize Family exists both outwardly as well as inwardly.  As an anthropologist I also realize that my Family  includes not only–though greatly!–my family of origin but it also includes my beloved pet companions Sophie (Shorkie dog) and Emily (orange tabby) as well as my closest friends. And, there are connections between the outer and inner Family members; that is, between my external relations and my internal archetypal ‘ensemble cast of mythic characters’ (see my book, Your Life Path).

My Family of Origin has been a blessing throughout my life; I am so grateful to them, each and all! Although my father and only recently my dear mother have now passed on to their greater spiritual adventures, they remain with me and the rest of us, internally, for they have helped to shape the person I have become.

As an Elder Leader type, my Dad demonstrated both loving guidance as well as a punitive Shadow influence due to his own conditioning life experiences.  Daily I will tell myself ‘Dad tapes,’ such as, “there’s a place for everything, and everything in its place” (while cleaning or organizing). My Mom’s more Nourisher archetypal image often yet calms me and supports my ability to face the world and communicate–or not, at times–despite my generally introvertive tendencies.


Then there are my three sisters and my brother, who were playmates and confidantes and sometimes also my refuge while growing up. Throughout my adult years they have remained among my closest relations and, still, a refuge from many storms of life.

I include my dear pet family–current and passed–for it is my pet Soul companions who have allowed me to find happiness while living otherwise alone and away from my family of origin this past nearly forty years.


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Because of how core my Family  has always been in my life, now as I rapidly approach retirement in under a month, I will be relocating shortly afterwards to return to be nearer to them once again.  I find my Homing Instinct is bearing  me back to that comforting center of gravity they represent.

What of your Family Theme?  How does it reflect both outwardly as well as within the core of your Being? 

I begin to feel the separateness we Americans anyway tend to project with our individualist mindsets is really an artifice after all. We coexist and include our Family of relatives, pets and friends within the very essence, or circle, of who we are as Soul.

I welcome your comments and story!

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