Your Archetype Allies

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The Wheel above depicts twelve primordial, universal persona Archetypes developed by Dr. Charles and Nin Beabeau and Debra Breazzano MA, LPT, as they have taught about at the erst Avalon Archetype Institute, Boulder, CO. I am honored to be able to represent and utilize this pantheon of archetypes in my new book, Your Life Path (YLP; also see right panel).

In YLP, I invite the reader/ life mapper to associate several of these universal archetype characters with the reader’s own Life Themes, which are those recurring situations or types of events in their lives in which they have developed distinctive ROLE IDENTITIES.

As this month here we are exploring your Life Theme of Work or Career, I invite you, first, to consider which one or more of the archetypes in the wheel above you might associate with your Work related role identity. Circle those in the wheel, and you might wish to journal about how these archetypes are active in your work persona.


Next, in the center of the circle state a situation you have been ‘mulling over’ lately. Perhaps it is a decision you are needing to make, a choice of some sort, or just a general topic you have been wanting to take some action on but have been feeling ‘divided’ or ‘torn’ about.

Look through the rest of the Archetype character modes on the Wheel to consider if some of these other facets of your Total Self System might also be appropriate to include in considering this central situation or decision. Circle or underline those as well on the Wheel.

In the blank spaces of the spokes (feel free to print out this blog and enlarge the wheel on a copy machine), ASK each of these archetype sub-identities that you have marked on the Wheel what is their individual viewpoint pertaining to the situation you are contemplating.  You can write in bullet points or actual dialogue statements about the situation from the distinct, differing POINTS OF VIEW of each of these role-Archetype perspectives. Also, ask each of them (and note their responses on the Wheel) what they recommend as a solution to the decision you face.


Does this help to throw some light on your issues pertaining to the situation you are considering? What solutions or compromises might this suggest? Remember, your Archetypal sub-identities are your Allies. Combining them rather than acting on the basis of only one of these role personas or guises at a time can be an integrative process that allows you to go forth with greater holism and internal harmony.

I welcome YOUR Comments and Story.

7 thoughts on “Your Archetype Allies

  1. Thank you for a powerful tool!
    Putting the archetypes on the wheel is interesting. The wheel looks suspiciously like the 12 house astrological wheel.
    Being very attached to astrology, the arrangement of the archetypes around the wheel bothers me. They don’t fit the meaning of each house. I totally understand that this isn’t astrology, and I know nothing about why each archetype was placed where it is. Is there a logic? A reason? If so, then fine, but if not, might I suggest placing the archetypes in the house number and sign they describe.
    On an astrological chart, the first house is the pie wedge on the left side of the wheel just below the horizon, or horizontal line that would parallel the bottom and top edges of the page,. They are numbered counterclockwise consecutively, which makes the 12th house the pie wedge just above the horizon on the left side of the wheel.
    So houses 1-12 would be:
    5-Leo-Golden child
    10-Capricorn-elder leader

    This placement of archetypes puts them in proper astrological relationship to each other.

    PS: Thank you for listing my blog on your sidebar! It’s changed names, The new name is C. LaVielle, Where Magic Meets the Page (

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