The DESCENDER Rising (Part One: My Descender-Prompted Letter to the President-Elect)


To the U.S. President-Elect from My DESCENDER:

I have read about your first 100 day priorities. They along with most of your agenda threaten everything I have taken for granted as progressive and helpful for the planet and for this country over which you aim to preside.

Look into the matters you are targeting with conservative policies carefully before you act, please!

  • There are REASONS for the regulations against fracking. They should be increased, not eliminated. Near surface earthquakes are already occurring. Carcinogens are in the emissions, polluting the air and water and endangering wildlife and humans. The super volcano at Yellowstone, for one example, is overdue to erupt, threatening to destroy at very least two thirds of the US (as per National Geographic and a slew of other studies). Fracking increases the probability of that eruption occurring sooner rather than later.   Native American conservationists are wise in calling for resource stewardship in Balance with Nature.                             earthquake-1665892__180
  • Whether climate change is cyclic and/or exacerbated by rapacious human use of natural resources, it poses real and immanent dangers to the continuation of life on this planet.                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Black lives DO matter, and uniquely, as do Mexican-American and Muslim American as well as Native and White American lives and rights or dreams of citizenship.  You will not abate domestic terrorism or “fix the inner cities” (which BTW are diverse in themselves; not all or only African Americans live there) by profiling and deporting or frisking law abiding citizens. There would be a backlash; we have seen this already and you would be responsible. Work instead to improve citizen cooperation, police and community relations and policing techniques.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     stock-photo-team-teamwork-togetherness-collaboration-concept-343048862
  • Marriage equality and gay rights in general should not even need to be legislated, but to protect civil rights, they must be; also Trans rights should be a given in the Land of the Free. (Freedom is not just for those you agree with or aim to mollify for having voted for you; Freedom requires respecting others’ freedoms!)
  • Abortion is a right and a choice that government has no place tampering with. People of VARIOUS faiths (we are NOT a “Christian country”!!!) always consider their beliefs and are free to exercise their own values. To me, as I believe in reincarnation, God or Divine Consciousness is neither so capricious nor so limited as to bestow only one lifetime or one opportunity to experience life in a body; Soul may enter with the first breath and can choose another body if conditions are not favorable for a mother.

Freedom of belief and practices that do not impinge negatively upon the wellbeing and rights of others are a mainstay of the American Way and must be safeguarded and protected.

DIALOGUE leads to progress; FIAT leads to unfortunate despair for ALL.

If you truly aim to “Make America Great,” do so with great care and deep respect for ALL Americans and for all of Life Itself!


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(This statement is from my DESCENDER, an archetypal ‘part of Self’  embedded within the collective consciousness of all humans.  It rises to express itself from the depths of the Psyche when it perceives a challenge to health and happiness of the individual or the collective Self or Soul. I encourage all readers to tap into the wellspring of the DESCENDER in your own Self; it is a healthy way to “touch base” with your core feelings and values.)