At the Brink of Descent: LIVE WELL


Yesterday I lived in a country that felt inclusive and open to all. Religious freedom, racial and gender  and sexuality equality were all moving forward and there was a promise in the air of further growth and security. This morning I appear to live in a different world, a world that has descended to the dregs of petty protectionism, bigotry, and potential autocracy.


Yes, I AM a liberal democrat and I want to stand up for this because my values embrace diversity and freedom for ALL.

So, I was walking, head bowed, in contemplation this morning of mourning that these values are being endangered. I asked inwardly and received an answer in the form of a waking dream, a poster across a bus:

“What Can We Do?”


That does about say it all: Live Well!

No one can interfere with your values unless you let them. To be inclusive means to also dialogue across the divides.


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In a time of DESCENT, Live Well. Love one another, bless one another. Reach out to embrace those who are in fear and desperation. Hunker down. Go Within to gather Strength.

May You, May We ALL Live Well.