Dialogue with the Healer

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The role of the Healer is a universal cultural figure, and the relationship between Healer-Patient is likewise universal, though it patterns distinctively in specific cultures.  The Western “doctor” with the white coat and stethoscope presents the Healer in a powerful if sterile position, while the dynamic Shaman found in many societies in various forms presents the Healer as a Mediator between the energies of this world and the forces and Spirit beyond the surface reality.

What is YOUR Healer like? This is that archetypal part of your Self that exists within your psyche as a Healing persona. When does h/she step up for you in your life? Do you allow your Healer a vital role in your life or do you suppress your own Healer nature? How can you strengthen this modality of your Self? Perhaps you express your Healer nature more in relation to others than for yourself? Bur s/he is here for You, too!

When we go to visit a doctor or other healing agency we may project our own Healer archetype onto that person, and on the other hand we develop our Inner Healer based on role models we have observed over time. Perhaps we tend to select healers who best mirror our own Healer persona, especially when we like our doctor a lot.


Recently I have had an outer dialogue with a very capable Healer, and I am responding by heeding her advice because I recognize that this advice resonates inwardly and allows my Healer to respond, “finally” (She says!).

If only I had LISTENED more about diet and good nutrition in my younger years, I thought, after receiving the Healer’s advice. So, my advice here for myself as well as others is to call upon your inner Healer and LISTEN to what h/she has to share with you, because h/she wants to help!

To tune into your Healer persona archetype, pay attention when you feel a caring impulse to help another, and draw upon that positive, gentle energy to help yourself too. Last night, for example, my cat Loki needed some loving care because he had overgroomed and scratched himself under the eye. So I trimmed his nails and put some ointment on the wound. Then my dog Sophie got an overgrown nail of her own caught in her long hair, so this morning I trimmed her nails and also groomed her undercoat to thin that. I could feel how my Healer was moved to action, and my pets seemed to recognize this special energy so they allowed me to do what I needed to do for their benefit.


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Have a conversation with a Healer! Whether an outer doctor or other healer, or WITHIN. You can dialogue inwardly with your own Inner healer through active imagination and journaling. This is a very natural and simple process of simply “tuning in”, allowing a dialogue to occur, and Listening.

Just to model the technique, then:

L: Calling Judy!

H: Thank you for hearing that I wanted you to call me that. Nurse Judy, I will be, if you like.

L: OK, Nurse Judy, what would you like to tell me?

H: Now that you are asking, finally!, be very careful with your new diet. Do not allow yourself to overdo even the ‘good’ carbs. The fruit in yogurt, for example, is a No. Listen to myself as you might ‘muscle test’. FEEL your way through to a better health Horizon.

L: I know I need you to be a potent energy in my life from now forward.

H: Yes, dear, it’s about time. But I am with you so please let me be here for you in greater conscious awareness. As the outer Healer advised you recently: “Put yourself first!”

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