Summertime is great for the August Golden Child. We should take advantage of the relative freedom we enjoy during the summer months (at least here in the States it is June-August).  Children have time out from their normal school routines to explore their hobbies and develop their interests; to play!  And adults tend also to feel their freedom more in Summer, taking “time out” for needed vacations during the interstice before another yearly cycle of work proceeds.


Of course, I speak as one who has grown up in an academic world, from school as a youth to college and then teaching at a university for the past 23 years! So, to me, the years are marked in semesters, and Summertime is a welcome time of relative freedom from a ‘normal’ week to week and month to month scheduling. Still, even if your work world or home life are not so liberated during the summer months, isn’t Summertime still a blessing for most of us?  At least in the U.S., the season of summer in most of the country brings warmth and the harvest from Spring planting of corn and many other staple foods and fruits.


So, whatever your circumstances might be right now, remember to draw upon your Golden Child nature to GET OUT and PLAY!  Celebrate your total Self, share with your Family and  dear friends, COME OUT TO PLAY!


We all need to exercise our Inner Child sometimes. Let the golden rays of the Sun brighten your days and warm your Heart this Leo month of the Golden Child. Then later you can tell others about, “What I did on my summer vacation.”  I hope that you spread your wings through what is yet left of this Summer; that you expand your thinking and broaden your point of view by exploring new vistas of the Soul!


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