Row, Row, Row Your Boat: Exercise Your Imagination!



“There are no Strangers;

all are cut from the same cloth.”

I received this awareness as stated above while I was working out at the YMCA the other day, using the opportunity to do a spiritual exercise with my eyes closed while on a rowing machine. I do this often, really. I close my eyes and row, row, row, visualizing being on a lake usually, but this time my inner experience went much deeper.  The rowing became a means of fueling a bullet-like “Inner-space” capsule.  It brought me to another Planet (purple then later lavender skies with a pale sun and a green luminescent Ocean of some substance other than water. The capsule also let me row through this fluid sea then onto land and into a city covered by a dome, with a Temple at its center. I continued to row this capsule (now on some form of antimag energy) through a channel like a tube that I could set to arrive at my destination. Once there I left the capsule and walked through this enormous, vitalizing Temple structure, filled with gardens and libraries and classrooms and Beings of Light itself, so it appeared.


I found myself in a contemplative space within the Temple. I was being asked to explore and to share openly some feelings about my future plans here on Earth. As I aim to retire to a small town where I am not likely to know anyone at least in the beginning, I was sharing my fear of leaving familiar friends behind as I relocate yet again in this lifetime.

“There are no Strangers;

all are cut from the same cloth.”

I returned from this inner adventure where I received this and another insight related to a different question I had posed. Both insights are ‘right on’ in helping me resolve and move forward in understanding. Since this experience I have been looking at people and all beings a little differently; though we may not know each other outwardly, we are connected in Spirit substance, always!


This Innerspace capsule is a modus operandus for inner exploration and Soul Travel. Next time when you’re working out at the gym (or at home or as you prepare for sleep and dreaming), I invite you to allow yourself to be transported via some vehicle of your own creative imagination into the Depths of unconscious and/or spiritual dimensions.

stock-vector-water-carriage-and-maritime-transport-icons-set-top-view-in-flat-design-style-ship-boat-vessel-300371003 (2)

images from

For me this was an excursion of my own IDEALIST nature, an Adventure into the Heights and Depths to illuminate beyond the limited scope of everyday ‘outer’ perceptions.

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