Practice What You Teach


Here is an oldie but golden adage: “Practice what you Teach!” This month we are exploring how the Teacher Archetype Ally, which is our  ‘unconscious’ Teacher part of Self, can help us attain to what we may construe as ‘better endings’ in our life choices and pursuits, so this saying is entirely relevant!

Here’s a self-discovery technique I invite you to practice:

First, make a list of what you teach (or, focus on ONE precept you often aim to help others to understand); then second, journal, contemplate or share with a loved one about how practicing that precept has or could help you to improve upon some aspect of your life currently or in a foreseeable future scenario.

As usual, I’ll start the reflection process by way of example, then I welcome you to practice this self-discovery on your own

One PRECEPT I often share with others which I have learned from the spiritual teachings of Eckankar is:

“IS IT TRUE, IS IT NECESSARY, IS IT KIND?” (Answer these three questions before you think, say, or do any action.)

  1. How have I practiced this that has lead to some better endings?

“Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind” (in THAT order) has often helped me to formulate a statement or frame an action in response to potentially stressful situations. When some interaction (e.g. some email exchanges in the past) have gone “very wrong,” in retrospect I did NOT apply this practice. In one of these exchanges in particular, after contemplating how I should use this approach, I was able to do a very helpful mid-course correction, resulting in a much more heartful and positive interaction. In fact because of this principle, I asked that this email exchange would shift to a person to person, face to face chat, and that indeed “made all the difference.”

2.  How might I practice this precept with respect to some foreseeable future scenario?

As a department Chair at work I need always to practice this precept. I can place this on a placard and place it on my office wall:


This placard, visible to myself and to those with whom I interact at my office, can help everyone to be more aware and Mindful. This can only have a better endings effect for  all concerned!


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Now it’s your turn. What teaching do you often impart that is also beneficial for you to practice mindfully?

I welcome YOUR comments and stories!