Lovers of Life, Live Your Dream!


October’s universal Archetype figure is that of the LOVER, which we will pair all this glorious month with the life metaphor Life Is… Living Your Dream, Now! What a coniunctio mysterium or sacred marriage, as Jung might observe (e.g., with Lovers as an image of coniunctio itself, resulting in Living Your Dream!

Peace and friendship concept

There are so many ways Love can manifest in our lives; what matters is that our capacity to give and to receive love grows as we do, finding greater and greater forms of experience, expression and sharing.

“My love is deep; the more I give to thee,

The more I have, both are infinite.”

~William Shakespeare

This will be fun! As we explore the LOVER archetype Ally this month to reveal its purpose in helping us to manifest a life of fulfillment and passion, let us not hold back.  Open your heart to receive and to give Love—personal or impersonal, romantic or divine. There is nothing more completing of our intentions and desires than to give and receive love freely for the better interests of all concerned. Now, guided by the principle of Live Your Dream, Now, this love that we wish to expose and expand can find a greater vehicle and channel.

Blue Hearts Design

I welcome your Insights and Stories!

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