Positive Self-Postulates (from your Golden Child)


Your GOLDEN CHILD archetype certainly would be one to express this month’s metaphor of Life Is a Bowl of Cherries! I have known a few GOLDEN CHILD-dominant personalities in my life, often Leos but not always. They are ready to claim the Brass Ring as their own, and not without reason. They express an attitude of entitlement, usually positively but sometimes not. They tend to be highly successful at what they set their hearts—and votes—to accomplishing.



Positive affirmations are in a GOLDEN CHILD’s core vocabulary. “I can do it! I CAN! I will! I am!” all carry the self-assertive energy of the Leonine persona. So for this next few days, I invite you to allow your own inner GOLDEN CHILD Archetype Ally to state some positive affirmations that can (will!) help you with any current issues or that can (do!) propel you toward fulfilling your most desired future goals.



Some trial-run personal examples:

  • I will accomplish my heart’s purpose on this visit with my Mom. (Tuesday night: Yes! She survived another trip to the hospital today and is back in her familiar, beloved nursing home environment.)
  • I will shift the balance of a nagging work situation back to a win-win situation for all.
  • I am a vehicle for love, trust and clarity!

This is fun…and it works! It feels very empowering and focused. So I invite each of you who are reading this blog to let your own INNER CHILD proclaim positive affirmations for YOU. And then… Be Here Now to live them! I welcome your Comments and stories!