You Have a Golden Child Within

Golden angel on white

The GOLDEN CHILD is a universal persona archetype within what Carl Jung would call all of our “collective unconscious.” That means it is in the architecture of the human psyche, available as a figure any of us might draw upon in forging our self-expression or personality and forming our sense of identity.

Like any collective persona archetype form, your inner GOLDEN CHILD aspect of Self might be highly expressive or repressed; it might function in a very positive mode (what I call its Strength mode), or it could display SHADOW potentials. In the “positive,” GOLDEN CHILD is a very charismatic, generous, positive force of character.  It is associated with the astrological sign of Leo. In “Shadow” mode, GOLDEN CHILD could present itself as overly self-confident, boisterous, or jealous, especially when it is feeling undervalued or frustrated.

What is YOUR Golden Child nature? This week I invite you to explore this archetypal resource as it manifests both outwardly and inwardly in your life or your Persona. To do so, consider when you may have felt or acted most “like” a Golden Child. When have you felt most assertively demonstrative or even positively egotistical? When? Why? In what manner? To what result?

Last week—appropriately as this month of July began—I exhibited my own Leonine Golden Child twice very noticeably, once to a good effect in an important conversation in which I needed to represent myself clearly and well, and the second time not so positively but still with a positive effect overall, standing up for my mother’s needs in a hospital context.

Your GOLDEN CHILD nature can be a strong ALLY for you, a force for good in your world and in service to others. Allow it (her or him) to shine forth to brighten your way!