Conversation with a Warrior—In You!

Native American Indian Chief Warrior Retro

Here are some questions I invite you to answer AS your Warrior within. To do this, it may help to sit in a quiet space and sink into a reverie. Imagine a space where you can converse with that part of yourself you can call a Warrior. This is a champion, a protector, or a pathfinder sort of persona.  You might wish to copy and print out the following prompts as an opener to your “archetype dialogue”. Your Warrior is an Ally, so this is an opportunity to connect with this positive potential.

Blue Hearts Design

Hello, Warrior, how are you doing?



How do you like to be called?



What concerns have you had lately?



What do you find to be a worthy cause?



How do you prefer to fight for a cause?



What do you defend against or protect us from in our life?



What was one time when you were most active in our life? What happened and what did you do?



When can I call upon you and how would you like me to do that?



How can you help to achieve our Life Dream?



How can I help you?



What do you need from me?




Please let me know when I can help you!

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