God—The Ultimate Elder Leader


What would God do now? Have you ever asked this question, in some form? Isn’t God—in such myriad forms or conceptions as are to be found in any religion or spiritual belief system—our ultimate Elder Leader? The Great Spirit, Higher Power, or some vehicle or manifestation of the Divine represents the highest state of consciousness: omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient! God (and/or Goddess, in some views; or even a scientific principle like a conscious universe) is the Creator, Higher Intelligence, the Divine Dreamer, the ultimate Architect of the Grand Design. It/He/She is also the Source and template of our own Higher Awareness; so we can ideally think/act/be in a specific situation so as to manifest our own divine nature.


To me, the answer is always to express unconditional Love, for whatever else God might Be, It is Love and love is therefore the uppermost source and fabric of all of Life. Some might see God or the Divine as Power; but to me the power of God is yet Love, a pure positive life force.  So, what would God do now? Love is the simplest answer (for me). As the ultimate Elder Leader, love and love alone is the always the right response.


I don’t expect or require anyone else to agree with my perspective here. God is so many things to so many people and from so many belief systems and points of view that your answer is your own, and matters. My housemate and I jokingly declare, “God is on!” whenever we see Morgan Freeman on TV, especially when he is hosting Through the Wormhole, which is my favorite documentary series.

Black Hole in Space Background

Certainly mythical images of God as an Elder Leader have evolved with society over time and vary cross-culturally and across many different religions. Zeus with his thunderbolt might choose to brandish raw power rather than love; a bodhisattva might exercise detached neutrality rather than either power or love. So, we find models for leadership strengths in our view of divinity or spiritual mastery. What are yours?


I invite your comments and welcome you to share your stories!

3 thoughts on “God—The Ultimate Elder Leader

  1. Morgan Freeman gets my vote. LOL I certainly would not vote for the deity of the men who shot up the French cartoonists. You know they were men. People’s conception of god has been justification for such abuses. Let’s stop blaming god, and let’s just say some people are crazy. Maybe god is change. Time is change. Speed is change. Maybe god is change, too.


    • Great comments, Brenda. Yes I agree; God must be change as that is a creative force. Of course not all change is good change (God change?), as we live in a dualistic world wher there is opposition often to good change…which is what? empowerment, freedom, autonomy (e.g. for women and for everyone). We are all divine so we are all worthy of the inherent right to life, creativity and happiness.


      • Even changes that don’t seem good at first can eventually bring good, like fire in a long-leaf pine forest. Good change, god change, seizing the good out of the change, perhaps it’s that simple. That is what the single celled organism does. They engulf and devour food, swimming toward change, growing, reproducing and living. Maybe we should try to keep it that simple, too.

        Elders connect us to the past, root us to tradition, support us as we grow up, but eventually, we have to grow toward being elders ourselves. Let that bit of divine guide us as we live and change.


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