Expect and Accept the Best


This is such a profound life metaphor we are focusing on this week: Life Is What You Make It. Every word in this schematic formula carries great potency:

LIFE is what you make it.

Life IS what you make it.

Life is WHAT you make it.

Life is what YOU make it.

Life is what you MAKE it.

Life is what you make IT.

I invite you to circle one of the above, and ponder.  I choose: Life is what YOU make it.


This is a very empowering affirmation.  Since life is what I make it—and because often what I make OF whatever happens in my life is the catalyst for further development or change—then I have the freedom to create the life I choose. I accept that the response-ability is first and foremost on my own shoulders, although it may require my willingness to cooperate and collaborate also with others.

A good friend of mine, Denise,  shared a similar statement this week to “Life is what you make it” to express how she approaches creating a positive life from day to day and altogether.

“Expect and Accept the BEST,” says Denise.

That followed from a statement I had mentioned of: “Expect the best, and accept the rest.”

“No,” Denise replied emphatically. “Expect AND Accept the Best!”

Colorful Diamond

Notice how this slight tweak in wording alters the underlying paradigm. If I expect only the best of myself, then I will not accept anything less and I can proceed with confidence in the pursuit of my goals and the fulfillment of every task and endeavor. If I expect and accept the best from others or from the unfolding of events, this means I will look for and see the best in everything that occurs, even when this means I might need to alter my interpretation or perception so I can learn a valuable lesson or decide to forge a new relationship with some person or situation.

Now of course, I can expect the best of myself in the moment and gradually come to a greater understanding of what my best may be. When I expect the best of another, this means I will allow the other to also be doing the best they can in the moment, and then I can respond accordingly, with flexibility and mindful awareness.


Life is what I make it has helped me as a postulate this week to reconsider how to take positive action in the direction of fulfilling a very important (to me) life dream. Since life is what I MAKE it, I must and can take action rather than waiting unrealistically for others to take action on my behalf. ‘What Can I Do Now?’ has become a mantra this week that has led me to a revised plan of action for working on a vital creative project.

game plan on greenboard

What can YOU do Now because your life is what YOU make it?

I welcome and encourage your comments, life insights, and stories!

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Postscript: When I shared a draft of this blog with my friend Denise, she reminded me I had left an important aspect of Expect and Accept the Best unstated. I asked her to email me a statement about this crucial element, and here is what Denise shared:

“So expect and accept the best. Accepting the best, I think, is the key. But if I’m working in partnership with spirit then my best may be less than what spirit is offering. Acceptance and compromise keeps me on the right track.” – Denise Naughton (author)