Life is… What You Make It 


If life were made of Moments, we wouldn’t know we had one.” – (The baker’s wife, Into the Woods (S. Sondheim)

Are you the actor, character, author, or the director of your own Life Story? What might it mean to recognize that you are all of these? In Life Paths, my aim is to allow you to reconstruct and MAP your own Life Story, literally. By reflecting on the significant, shaping events of your life and especially those events that have been so critical that you feel you were not quite “the same person” before and after these events have occurred, you can identify the thematic Turning Points and Life Chapters of your own Life Story and you can reflect on “who” you have been throughout these chapters as the protagonist of your own life-mythic narrative.


Life is what you HAVE made it, so you always have the capacity to continue to  make any changes that allow you to realize your goals, from chapter to chapter.


For this next few days, in a very open format, I invite you to simply reflect upon what “life chapter” you are in right now, and at what STAGE in this chapter you are at. Are you just beginning a new chapter? In the middle? Nearing a major transition? What are your goals for the Life Chapter you are currently living? How can you maximize the advantages and the strengths or lessons you are gaining in this chapter? Do you anticipate another specific chapter to follow from the one you are in? How can you prepare for that transition?


I welcome your insights and stories!