Mindi Finds her Freedom


Mindi, 34, heard about life mapping and she came to me with a problem. She had a difficult life pattern that had plagued her since she was a teen.  She would start a relationship, or take a job, or relocate when she felt a spiritual nudge. But then she would soon leave the relationship, job or location, feeling a compulsion to not become bound by that situation. How could she ever feel comfortable with any commitment for the long run?

Mindi embarked on the Life Maps Process. We met over a 9 month period for once a week or so, and Mindi composed her Life Map with Life Themes, Life Chapters, a Parallel Mythic Life Story, and an Archetypal mapping of dominant Archetype influences over her life course. Mindi identified a WARRIOR archetype that she associated with her Life Theme of Spirituality, and she identified a DESCENDER archetype associated with her Life Theme of ‘Physical’ events, among others. These two were significant because they were often paired off in her Life Map as diametrically opposed in relation to critical Turning Points in Mindi’s life.


Mindi engaged in an Archetype Dialogue practice. She invited her thematically associated archetypes to introduce themselves to her and to each other, using a journal to write out these ‘conversations.’  She asked each archetype at some point what its own GOALS are, and later she asked how each archetype’s goals might relate to her own overarching goals within the Total Self System including her core Self and all of her archetypal character aspects.

Mindi’s WARRIOR archetype associated with her Life Theme of Spirituality claimed Freedom as its primary goal. But guess what? Her DESCENDER archetype that she associated with Physical events also claimed Freedom as its goal. So Mindi asked each of these ‘parts of self’ to define Freedom from their own points of view. Mindi’s WARRIOR self defined Freedom as following spiritual nudges even if they did not make logical sense. Her DESCENDER self defined Freedom as the capacity to leave any situation that could limit her, so as not to become overly attached to any physical situation. This made sense of Mindi’s dilemma: Her spiritual WARRIOR would act on an inner nudge to move or act in a specific manner or direction, but soon after Mindi would act on this nudge, her DESCENDER would compel her to bolt, to move on!

chinese-mythology-vector-1-5                       god-vector-1-4

After Mindi moved further along with her Archetype Dialogue practice, she clarified her greatest STRENGTHS and her most overarching life goals. She was an excellent Communicator (another of her Archetype aspects), and she loved to travel. Eventually she defined a Life Dream that all of her archetypal ‘cast’ Allies could benefit from and that they could all contribute toward, together.  She wanted to become a public speaker, traveling around on the job, and speaking about more than one product or idea that she could support spiritually as positive, healthful products or ideas.


Some 18 months after Mindi completed her Life Maps Process I received a phone message from her on my phone. She was excited.

“Everything we talked about, everything I said I wanted to do, I am now doing!”

Mindi had moved to California and after apprenticing as a political caucus speaker, she landed a job with a health related company that sells many different products that she can support spiritually because she believes that the products are healthful. She has become a public speaker, never staying too long with any one product or in any one location, as the company sends her to various locations to represent its large array of products.

Mindi has found her FREEDOM! (At least for now…)


Two years later, Mindi is still engaged with this flexible but productive public speaking career. She feels more centered and she looks forward to discovering where this path will lead her to further down the road.

What Mindi has accomplished at this stage in her life is a greater INTEGRATION of her unconscious archetypal influences and yearnings. By LISTENING to herself..which, is, her “selves” as well as her Core—as we all can when we choose to—Mindi has embarked upon her own ‘Yellow Brick Road’ that can lead her to fulfill her deepest sense of Purpose.


I invite you to continue with your own Archetype Dialogue journaling and/or active imagination practice. I will present a full process for this approach with Life Paths (or feel free to ask me about that), so,…stay tuned!