The Story So Far

Gate to Heaven Fantasy Background

For a Guest Post this week (Wed./Thurs.), I am reblogging for readers “The Story So Far” in its entirety. This is an excellent post by Debra on The Ptero Card blog about Archetypal Psychology. This post refers in a more detailed way than did mine yesterday to James Hillman’s book, HEALING FICTION. Let’s read from an expert:


Case history: our public, outer life, a collection of facts, figures, biography and stats.

Soul history: the private interiority of identity, memory, feeling, reflections, dreams and beliefs.

In his book, Healing Fiction, James Hillman says:

“We can regard history from the viewpoint of soul. By carefully collating what happened, history digests events, moving them from case material to subtle matter. Hidden in this fantasy is a tenet of my faith: soul slows the parade of history; digestion tames appetite; experience coagulates events. I believe that had we more experiencing there would be need for fewer events and the quick passage of time would find a stop. And then I believe that what we do not digest is laid out somewhere else, into others, the political world, the dreams, the body’s symptoms, becoming literal and outer (and called historical) because it is too hard for us, too opaque, to break…

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