Life Lessons: Your Currency for Better Endings


Let’s focus today’s post on the potential value and benefits for you of Life Mapping.  How can identifying your Life Chapters this week, for instance, help you to achieve your own Better Endings?  Here’s a quick tip:

First, identify  your Life Chapters as phases of your life experience that have occurred BETWEEN your major, critical Turning Points (see Sunday’s post to get there if you haven’t done your Life Chapter mapping yet). 

Now then, I invite you to focus on one Life Chapter at a time, and to ask yourself:



You could simply extend your Life Chapters chart to add the Life Lesson onto the chart for easy reference.

Personal Example:


Next you might ask yourself, “How have I applied this Life Lesson, or how might I apply this Life Lesson to a decision or to a desirable future transition or Goal?

Personal Example — Life Lessons to Apply:

With retirement goals, listen but be wise about how much to share or  discuss this goal, as some will simply give cautionary advice based on their own considerations; also though, research very carefully every step of the way.

butterfly on flowers

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4 thoughts on “Life Lessons: Your Currency for Better Endings

    • I’ll be honest, Brenda. Receiving a “like” from you in particular is a goal for every post I make! Perhaps the archetypal material might be of value to you when it comes to “being your/one’s own friend”. WE can learn to harness our own multiplicity as a unified “Council” … and to see Others (“outside” the Self as being part of that Alliance, too!


      • Lisa, You honor me. I like what you say, even when I have to stop and think to let the meaning percolate in slowly. Finding a council that helps one make good decisions is pretty key, inner and outer worlds uniting to make passage through life more smooth. I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead! Hugs, Brenda


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