Name Your Bliss



Last week we practiced the future oriented technique of “Envision a Future Transition”. This relates to a bigger topic for this week of discovering or reclaiming your Life Dream. What is a Life Dream, anyway? For some it may simply be that they want to spend retirement on a tropical island or something of that nature. Some may consider their Life Dream in terms of wealth or financial freedom to do anything they wish to do including global travel, without the daily responsibility of a career. Others might consider their Bucket List to be the depository for their Life Dreams and hope to realize these wishes, one by one, before they depart this lifetime.

The above ideas about Life Dreams are fine, and if that is how you define yours, then you can focus on how to manifest that with this week’s Better Endings prompts.  To me, a Life Dream can also be even bigger and deeper than any of the above approaches. A Life Dream is what Joseph Campbell called your Bliss, that which fulfills your greatest sense of Adventure and realizes your unique Mission and Purpose on the planet. It is your greatest heroic Challenge, that requires your unique strengths and your highest awareness to manifest and share. It is not a selfish Dream but one that, by realizing this deep desire of the Soul, benefits All. “The presence of a  vital person vitalizes!” says Campbell, and the means to maintain a vital life is to  “Follow Your Bliss” so you can, in life mapping terms, Live Your Dream, Now!

crystal ball

So this week I invite you to dig deeply, to excavate, as it were, your Life Dream. Some months ago I referred you to the question, “What do you want to be when you ‘grow up’?” Well, five years from now, or ten perhaps, what do you want your life to look like? What are you doing in your future, having fully realized YOUR Life Dream?

Your Life Dream might be best visualized in terms of Values rather than concrete objectives. Five or ten years from now, what values would you like to be living in terms of so that you feel inwardly fulfilled?

When I was a child I remember walking in the city of Philadelphia with my friend Karin one day. We passed a woman on the street who was an older, though not elderly, lady. Her face was lined with deep wrinkles from smiling and from living deeply, I felt. I said to Karin, “When I grow old I want to be just like her!” Inwardly I recall thinking to myself, “That is a person who has truly lived!” I would hope for some child to see me as I saw her, some day.

So what is it for you? What brings vitality to your heart and joy to your Spirit?

Happy Easter!