Travel Tales as Travel Tells


Ironically, Travel Week on Better Endings has come about this week whilst I am, literally, travelling! I’m in Las Vegas through tomorrow with a terrific group of 5 college students who will be presenting a panel of papers at a conference here based on research they conducted with me for a class on Ethnographic Research.  The study is about “Mapping the Terrain of Cultural Perspectives about Natural Resources and Sustainability Issues”. It’s an exciting and timely topic.


So, I’m in Vegas, away from a normal routine of work, family and home environment. Last night, as I posted from my cell phone in the balcony of the MIRAGE theatre, I was able to see the spectacular, wonderful Cirque de Soleil LOVE testimony to the Beatles’ legacy; What a treat! I grew up with the Beatles, who defined my generation. It was elevating to sing along as the story of the Beatles was portrayed through acrobatics!

But I digress. Then again, isn’t that the Better Endings opportunity of Travel? That we CAN digress…

To me, travel is an opportunity to expand my horizons on all levels. Change “lifts” you out from the normal, mundane, everyday reality, offering a freshness of experience, an openness to new vistas, new conceptions, new ideas.


I always approach travel as a Vision Quest. I like to frame a deep spiritual question and open myself to inner guidance so I might arrive at a new level of understanding and awareness during the pregnant opening of ‘time out of time’, ‘space out of (routine) place’.

So, here in Las Vegas: Lights, action, glitz, diversity, addictions…nearly a fantasy realm for many. Who comes here? Gamblers,entertainers; those wishing to gamble or to be entertained; as well, those seeking freedom from their daily grind to appreciate life apart from normal routines and environment .


What about you? How have you used travel in your life? What potentials might travel lead to or expose?

I invite and welcome your Travel Tales this week on Better Endings!