The Only Way to Get What You Want, by Lidiya of Let’sReachSuccess, and “Who Are You?”, a Poem from iithinks

Two Guest Re-blogs about Finding Fulfilment by Being YOU!:

The Only Way to Get What You Want

Posted on March 31, 2014 by Lidiya

“You can start right where you stand and apply the habit of going the extra mile by rendering more service and better service than you are now being paid for.”
Napoleon Hill

Everyone is good enough for anything. But a small number of people are remarkable in what they do because they go the extra mile.


By Stephen Brace @Flickr

That means they go beyond average, dedicate time and efforts and make sacrifices. It’s a sure way to success and great results in any area, but few are willing to actually do it.

All people are capable of more than they think. And there are so many examples of that in history as well as today. Just think of all the successful entrepreneurs that started at a young age and worked hard, of all the famous scientists and inventors who’ve tried and failed so many times before they succeeded, of all rich people who started from nothing, all athletes who dedicated years of their life to training.

The Habit

In his book The Magic Ladder to Success (you can get the free PDF here), Napoleon Hill lists hard work as one of the inevitable things you’ll have to go through if you’re really willing to make a change. He calls it  the habit of performing more work and better work than you are paid to perform.

Here is what he says:

“I do not believe it is possible for anyone to rise above mediocrity without developing this habit of performing more service and better service than is actually paid for in dollars and cents.

 All the ability on earth, all of the knowledge recorded in all of the books down the ages, all the schooling on earth, will not create a profitable market for the services of a man or woman who renders as little service as possible and makes the quality as poor as will pass.

 On the other hand, the spirit of willingly performing more work and better work than one is paid to perform is sure to bring its just reward. It will offset many other negative qualities and the lack of many other desirable qualities.”

It’s really important to realize that without doing some work you won’t get anywhere. And as everything else, it’s also a habit. Because only going the extra mile and then repeating it many times can help you get whatever it is that you desire. Only if you’re willing to do that, can you actually get anywhere and become whoever you want.

It’s simple, but not easy.

I’ve noticed that people usually think that the things worth fighting for are too complex and often don’t even give them a try. They also think there must be some secret that can help them get it easier.

Well, there isn’t. Things are really simple because all the fundamental rules we’ve all heard of are what it really takes to get there. But it’s not easy. It will take time, it will take energy, efforts, and many other things depending on the situation.

People still think they can find an easier way to lose weight and get fit, but the truth is that the basic things we all know about healthy dieting, exercising and motivation, especially the combination of them, are the way to the body we want.

Here is what Johnny B. Truant says in How to Be Legendary:

No form of success is complicated.

Repairing a relationship involves communication, patience, and time. Learningdance steps involves rehearsing them until you get them right. Becoming fluent in Italian requires speaking andreading and hearing Italian and maybe practicing vocabulary. Building a business requires finding a need in the marketand filling it, and learning from experience.

You already know what you need to do. You just need to do it.

If you want to quit smoking or drinking, doing the work is fighting cravings every day, maybe forever.

If you want to write a novel, doing the work is sitting down for a few hours every single day and putting words on thepage even when you suspect theyʼre horrible. If youʼre currently a bad writer, doing the work might even mean writinga few 100,000-word go-nowhere manuscripts full of terrible prose while youʼre learning, and then simply throwing themaway. Oh, and doing the work might entail a lot of rejection, too.

If you want to lose 300 pounds, doing the work is several years of dieting and exercise.

Doing the work is not for the faint of heart, but it is the key to achievement. Have you ever noticed how very few people are truly, truly, truly committed to a goal? Thatʼs why so few people achieve truly remarkable things.”

So with this post I want to remind you of 6 things:

1. It’s absolutely possible to reach all your goals.

2. You already have what it takes.

3. You’ll need to work hard.

4. Then to do it repeatedly.

5. You’ll need to go the extra mile and go beyond what is considered average.

6. It will also take dedication and sacrifices.

Without these six things in mind, I’m afraid you won’t achieve anything. And that means you will never do anything with your life when you could have done so much.
I see so many people wasting their time doing meaningless activities, wasting their potential doing stuff they don’t enjoy. And it’s so sad when they turn back and realize they could have done remarkable things with their life and helped others at the same time.

So if you don’t want to be one of them you need to be willing to work hard for what you want. It could be anything because you can simply achieve anything. But the way to do it is one – through hard work, repetition, practice and dedication.

Lidiya is a Marketing student from Bulgaria.Her passion is writing and she spends a lot of time blogging at Let’s Reach Successwhere she writes about success, simplicity, life hacking and self-improvement and wants to inspire people and remind them of their potential and powers.

You can find her on Facebook or reach hear by email at

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Who Are You?



O’ Human Being
You were so noble
What happened?
The world changed directions
And you blindly followed along

Covered in blackness
Do not blame the sun
It continues to shine
But what no avail
If eyes are closed?

Your life is frantic
One thing after another
Barely above the water
Hearing the world whisper:
Keep up or drown!

Don’t listen, Don’t listen!
I promise it’s not too late
Become a human once more
Discover your Life again
Leave, leave this chaotic state!

Take a moment and relax
Nothing will fall apart
Sit in silence with yourself
Feel the Power of the One
Do you see what you are?

Come close, listen to what I see
You are the light of the heavens
Dripping with waters of Truth
Flowing in waves of Beauty
You are nothing but Love

Everything comes from within
When you find yourself
The world will fall to its knees
And whatever you need
Will begin seeking you

I’m not here to flatter you
This is nothing but the Truth
In prayer I ask for us all:
Let us find our true nature
And become reunited with You

The beautiful image is provided by graphic designer Shiraz Khan. He designs modern, beautiful and spiritually-inspired prints to place in your home. Giving you constant reminder of what is most important in life!! You can check out his great work at or click on the widget on my sidebar. Thank you Shiraz!