Why Does This Always Seem to Happen to Me? — Writers’ & Artists’ Story Prompts

Positive Attitude Note Shows Optimism Or Belief

This week we are focusing on “habitual Better Endings”. Think about it. Do you know of someone (If it’s you, grand!) who always seems to come out on the light side of things, who habitually manifests  success? What do they do (or, you) to establish Better Endings? Is it persistence? “Grit”? Positive affirmations? Or is it simply that they always EXPECT for things to work out for the best, and then they usually do (or, if not, they have learned how to accommodate the results)?

Snail Shell

Conversely, do you know anyone (again, it could be you) who just seems to magnetize drama, trauma or disaster into their world? How do they do that? For them, what new habits might we recommend for them to try, to break through a sense of inevitability of misfortune occurring in their lives?


Have you ever known someone (it could still be you) who has turned this around; someone who maybe used to attract misfortune habitually but who now seems to have obtained a “Midas touch” of success and positivity, instead? What did they do to transform their approach that we can all learn from?

Instead of our usual weekly “writer’s/artist’s prompts list”, this week I invite you to ponder the above three scenarios with regard to our topic of “habitual Better Endings”.


I invite, welcome and encourage all responses and I will publish your stories or creative expressions.

Better Endings to You!

2 thoughts on “Why Does This Always Seem to Happen to Me? — Writers’ & Artists’ Story Prompts

  1. I think I’m in an odd middle ground here. I used to worry quite a bit about how things would turn out, and then a few years ago, I looked back over my life and realized that things have always gone a heck of a lot better than I ever expected. I’ve had a lot of amazing surprises in my life, especially things I didn’t work for but that came as amazing gifts. When I realized that, my attitude started to change. Now I EXPECT that things will turn out better than I imagine, and I haven’t been disappointed yet! It’s a very relieving realization.


    • Thanks for sharing this, Sharon. You reveal how our attitudes can be affected by our expectations. A pessimistic or an optimistic attitude can go a long way toward manifesting our expectations.


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