Contemplation Seeds



For our Tuesday “prompts day” about the weekly topic of Health and Healing Better Endings, I’d like to offer you some “contemplation seeds,” beginning with life coach Dawn Abraham’‘s thoughtful affirmation above.

Writers, journallers, artists, poets, meditators and contemplators, photographers, life coaches and health care professionals—I invite you to plant a seed or more from the pod below.  From applying the nourishment of your careful attention, what insights will emerge?

  • A time when you learned  valuable life lessons from an ailment related situation
  • The most “Well” time of your life (past, present or envisioned future)
  • What you have experienced from a chronic health condition and tips for enduring or improving upon your condition
  • Best Practices: Wellness or healing tips (e.g. a Top 10 List)
  • Body-Emotion-Mind-Body Wellness interconnections
  • Healthy Thinking/ Healthy Habits/ Living Well
  • Wellness is a state of consciousness (regardless of ‘health’ matters)


If one or more of these contemplation seeds resonates with your own experience or memories, I invite you to write about, actively contemplate, discuss, or artistically express your insights. I sincerely hope that some of these prompts might serve as useful seedlings for your own emergent awareness. I welcome any insights you might choose to share with us here, through your comments, guest blogs, references to good reading material or other tips that have helped you or that you use in your own caring practice, or stories!