To Your Total Health!


encourage your stories and insights about Health and Healing Better Endings this week. What are some of your best health & healing tips? I have already spotted a couple of blogs to share some re-posts from this week, as several of you have blogs or websites in this area and have greater knowledge and experience than I do in this domain.

We can define Health as whatever your current Body-Emotion-Mind-Spirit condition just IS; from this perspective we all “have” our Health, so what matters in terms of Better Endings is what we do with or about our current state of Total Health, which we can define as our degree of Body-Emotion-Mind-Spirit “wellness”. Wellness is a subjective matter, and someone might have a physical illness requiring medical care, yet they might practice mental, emotional or spiritual activities which raise their level of general wellness to a high degree.

You might start reflecting  on your Total Health by filling in percentages or maybe adjectives (or pictures) for each of the quadrants in the Medicine Wheel image below. For example, you might rate your sense of wellness for each quadrant.


When I do this reflection, I see what areas could use a boost. “Body” comes out weakest in my personal wellness scale right now, because I have not been getting enough physical exercise. Of course, all of these aspects of our Total Health system are interdependent. That means a less than well condition in any one of these quadrants of the Medicine Wheel might affect the others. However, this also means you can ‘borrow’ or apply strengths from a “more well” aspect to help you to improve the other aspects of your Total Health. So, for instance, last week I started feeling like I might be losing a battle with my immunity to cold germs I am often exposed to where I work. So I did a spiritual contemplation which resulted in my choosing to go to the gym (after 2 months without going) and I added more fresh veggies and certain vitamins. So far, I have withstood breaking out with a cold, but more than that, I have been contemplating more deeply, too.


All components of your Body-Emotion-Mind-Spirit Total Health are interconnected. Each aspect is an important source of Life Energy, experience, and expression.

Salute a te!