Vision Quest

Native American Art

A Task without a Vision is drudgery;

A Vision without a Task is but a Dream;

But a Vision with a Task can change the World.

–        Attrib. to Black Elk, Oglala Sioux


So complete this thought: When I Grow Up I Want to Be/Do: _____________________________

Answer first as you might have answered when you were a child. Explain why you would have wanted this or why you might have answered this way then.

Complete the statement a second time as you would today:  When I Grow Up I Want to Be/Do: ___________________________

Why? Describe your VISION, your Life Dream. Please don’t feel you need to limit yourself to an “adult” sense of practicality or self-limitation. You are allowed to answer BIG! This is Your Vision. Let It Shine!

That’s all for today. Saturday is First Principles of Better Endings day, and as we have been exploring the domain of television this week, VISION seems the principle to apply.

Do feel free to share your Vision. I welcome your Comments and I will publish your Stories!

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