Just Listen (Doo-Da-DO!)


Saturday is First Principles day at Better Endings. We focus on a principle that fosters ‘better endings’ with regard to our weekly topic. All this week we have been emphasizing “mindful communication” or mindfulness as a Better Endings principle. The underlying behavior associated with mindfulness is: Just Listen. That can mean both listening deeply to another as well as listening deeply within.

The Big Buddha

We cannot HEAR if we are not in a LISTENING mode. WE cannot LISTEN while we are talking in our head.

So, how can we become better listeners in order to be better communicators or to engage effectively in “Alchemical conversation”?

Perhaps you might say–now I am listening inwardly–that it begins with setting a proper INTENTION.

Ah, yes. Well spoken. And how can I or we set a positive intention to communicate deeply and well?

Be open and direct about your intention; seek to establish common grounds.

But intention is not always explicit in the moment of exchange.

Then LISTEN so you may HEAR your friend’s intention, rather than swiftly react.

Does Listening need to be mutual for alchemical conversation to ensue?

Yes. “Your state of consciousness is your level of acceptance.” So is the other’s.

What can be HEARD when I/WE Listen deeply?

What can be SEEN is HEARD with the HEART.

So mindfulness is being Heartful.

Heartfulness is being Mindful.

Words fade in significance. Unconditional Love is All.


******   ******

Can you tell in the ‘conversation’ above Who is conversing with Whom? Alchemy is Archetypal!

Better Endings to You!


The universe is always speaking to us.
… Sending us little messages,
causing coincidences and serendipities,
reminding us to stop, to look around,
to believe in something else,
something more.

~ Nancy Thayer ~

Reblogged from Soul Gatherings 

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2 thoughts on “Just Listen (Doo-Da-DO!)

  1. Hi. Really like your text here :). ” Your state of conciouseness is your level of acceptance” is so true and at the same time such a mind-blower. And also how much INTENT has to say for the outcome of a listening experience. Being a musician myself working with contemporary music and listening-processes in particular this topic is so exiting! What really gets me is the unconcious relationship that many people have to the act of listening, how they think it is an automatic process, more or less un-alterable and how amazing it can be to give them a different kind of experience and show them what power lies in an active use of intent. Best of luck foreward and feel free to take a look at my blog (texts both in English and Norwegian)


    • I am so glad you have found Better Endings. I have linked this blog to your site at The Listening Experience. What came through most this week for me while contemplating mindful listening is the concept-new to me-of Alchemical Conversation. When I reflect on growth in conscious understanding and oerhaps at the same time unconscious awareness and expansion, much comes from a deep level of interaction with others…teachers, masters, guides, friends, pets, family, authors, musicians…it is a reciprocal process (like a DNA coil), but it needs to be allowed, kept receptive by an open heart and mind. This is a learning process for me – the blog experience. I’m (aiming to be) Listening!


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