4 thoughts on “Guest Poem: Choices We Make, by No-Name

  1. Dear Linda,

    You are one of the most graceful and amazing women I’ve come across in my virtual world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing meaning to my simple words. God bless you and your loved ones with choicest of glad things and wellbeing. i am honored ot be featured on your blog.

    Best wishes and regards,


    • Dear Sara,
      Your poem stood out for me immediately as showing a wisdom beyond the normal rational thinking about this topic of “choices”. Thank you for opening my heart!


      • S, I woke up wondering about how you are because you said you might share a larger piece on choices sometime. Thanks for looking at the Life Path Maps material. I need to do more touching up on the lifepathmaps.com website but I finf this subject very fascinating and potentially quite liberating for people, which keeps me motivated to develop it further into a book and self-help handbook I’m currently editing called Life Paths. I look forward to your insights.-L


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