Your Life in Bubbles

First, A big THANK YOU to Tatyana, for your heartfelt poems that you shared with us yesterday about how your wonderful mother found you and you gave her the beautiful family you two share! It is amazing how you have grown from your experience so that now you are reaching out to help others! – Linda



If you haven’t completed the Life Mapping Activity for this week (see right sidebar), you may do so now. Write a list of 12 of your life’s significant events. These are events that have influenced or shaped “the person you have become”. It doesn’t matter in what order you write these down; just let them come forth as you remember them. The Wednesday prompt list (January 1) might help you to trigger some memories.

List 12 Significant Life Events before continuing.

Next, find a way to arrange these twelve events in a manner that is meaningful to you. How are they interrelated, and not? You can place the events (numbered or captioned) along a timeline, raising them above, below or on the line depending on their relative positive, negative (or both) impact on your life. Or you might wish to represent them in a circle, placing them in bubble clusters depending on how they relate to one another. Be creative; find a way to arrange these events that is meaningful to you.

Save your “life mapping” chart or picture to use with next week’s follow-up activity. Feel free to share yours if you would like (you could scan it in and send it as a jpg. image if you wish; see the Submit menu tag). There is also still time, until Saturday night, to submit your Story of the Week about how, in retrospect or maybe surprisingly, a significant event in your life has led to Better Endings.

I welcome your Comments and insights! THANK YOU to new followers (and continuing ones)! I invite you to get the most you can from this blog by participating in the activities and sharing your insights!

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