Transforming Self-Limiting Beliefs and Personal Myths: A List of Prompts


Until I sat down to generate this week’s Better Endings prompts for writing, talking about or contemplating how to transform self-limiting beliefs or personal myths, I had not realized how extensive such a list can be! Here, then, is just a sampling for you to use, modify, or add to. I invite you to practice creative revisioning for a Better Endings scenario. I welcome your Comments and insights and please feel free to share your stories or journaling results.

I. Negative Self-Talk:

  • I’m too {small, short, tall, young, old, skinny, heavy, etc.}
  •  Noone will ever love/like (etc.) me…
  • I could never do/be _______
  • I can’t possibly quit {smoking, drinking, expressing anger, etc.}
  • I would have, but…
  • I could have, but…
  • I should have, but…
  • I always ______, because…

II. Negative Other-Postulates:

  • That’s just how he/she/it/you/they is/are.
  • He/she/it/you/they will/could never ______, because…
  • Don’t be so…all the time.
  • Forget it!

So, enjoy converting these negative postulates to positive statements or scenarios/ dialogue, etcetera. One fine technique is to write positive affirmations countering one of these that bothers you most, fifteen times a day.

Merry Christmas and Better Endings to All!

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