What Do Better Endings Mean to Me? by Catherine Williams


“Better Endings” means that in the past, I would have had some control over the outcomes of events in my life. Many things turned out to be unhappier than I had hoped.  If I were to rewrite some of my personal history, with better endings, I certainly would NOT be where I am now.  Since this is an imaginary rewrite, however, it might be fun to win all the lotteries, get all the Knights in Shining Armor, eat everything I want and wind up with a drop dead gorgeous figure, sin and still get to heaven, grow wise but not old, have lots of money without painful labor, and achieve enlightenment without any personal effort!

If I were to write a better ending for America, I would first state a caveat…I don’t want America to end! But a better ending to our present drama would include that our leaders were actually inspired to LEAD in a way that enhances the quality of life for all citizens.  It would mean developing a culture that has value for personal responsibility, bodily health, pursuit of spiritual evolution and pride for the strength, intelligence and productivity of all Americans.  If we were competing in a global market with people who were healthy, strong, fit, well educated, had high moral values, who loved each other and treated all with dignity and respect, then I think we would truly be worthy of competition amongst other nations.  That might be a better ending…or beginning!

Catherine Williams is a Certified Natural Vision Coach, a Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy and a Cosmetologist and Salon Owner.  She operates her various businesses­­ from her home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and can be reached at The Wave Salon at 719-380-0735. 

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